What Are the Different Types of Balcony Enclosures?

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A home balcony is an amenity that people can use to enjoy down time and relaxation. Depending on the style of the residence, there are often different types of balcony enclosures to choose from. The main choices are usually enclosures made of screen or glass, but sometimes there is a combination of both that may enclose a balcony. Other enclosures can have aluminum panels, as well as soundproofing materials. A choice of screen types may be available, while certain balcony enclosures feature a folding design, are more resistant to moisture, or protect against cold temperatures.

The enclosures can be constructed with panels, each which include glass windows. These panels are often available in different colors depending on what matches the d├ęcor of the exterior or interior of a home. Other balcony enclosures have aluminum frames that surround glass. The windows can be fixed permanently or be designed to open. Some varieties of aluminum enclosures have windows that shift to the side to open or close.

An inner curtain is included with some balcony styles, and may be manual or electrical. Sometimes a remote control can be used to operate the curtain. Choices for roofing often include aluminum boards, with an insulating material in between to protect against heat and cold. Different levels of thickness are often available for roofs, which sometimes integrate windows for light. Soundproofing such as shingles typically helps to dampen sounds from outside, including noise from rain.


The type of home balcony is important to consider too, because some enclosures are better suited for terraces, gardens, or for enclosing pools. A pool enclosure, for example, can be collapsible; this design typically makes it more convenient to fold up the system and store it when the weather is warmer. The parts usually do not take up too much space either. Balcony enclosures can have just screen or all glass; some types of glass prevent sound from getting through or block ultraviolet light, while others can prevent heat from building up inside the balcony.

Different kinds of screens are often available, which can influence the overall design of balcony enclosures. Some screens are better sized for keeping bugs and materials from vegetation out, while others can be strong enough to withstand the force of pets scratching at them. Many enclosure screens are suited for covering openings that are larger than usual. The choice of screen sometimes depends on the size and number of small openings that fill the cloth mesh.


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