What Are the Different Types of Backyard Accessories?

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Countless backyard accessories exist that allow a homeowner or renter to transform an otherwise boring space into a comfortable living area and an entertaining space for kids or adults. Common backyard accessories include patio furniture, grills, fire pits or fireplaces, benches, and even hot tubs. Lighting elements are also common accessories that can accent a backyard and make it a more comfortable space. Entertaining kids can be made easy by installing a swing set or jungle gym, and even a sandbox can be easily constructed to provide hours of entertainment.

Sometimes entire backyard kitchens can be built to make the space more livable and functional. Grills are perhaps the most common backyard accessories, but to make these cooking units even more functional, tables or work surfaces can be built around the grill to make an outdoor kitchen. A canopy or roof can be built over the kitchen to protect it from the elements, making it usable in all conditions. Backyard accessories that directly pertain to the grill include grilling utensils such as spatulas, tongs, and grill brushes. Smokers can be built into the kitchen or used independently as well; these units can cook meats and vegetables using smoke rather than flames.


Various types of lighting exist for the backyard. Citronella candles on posts provide light in the backyard and will also keep bugs at bay during summer nights. Solar-powered walkway lights are backyard accessories that can be pressed directly into the soil on either side of walkways to light the path for safe walking. These lights can also be pressed into the soil around the perimeter of the yard during parties; they are easily installed and removed, making them great options for temporary lighting. String or rope lighting can also be used along decks or other structures to provide attractive and subtle lights.

Larger backyard accessories include hot tubs and sheds. Hot tubs will require an electrical connection in most cases, though some are propane- or wood-fired. They can be large and expensive, but they add an ambient touch to a backyard space and make entertaining much easier. Sheds are great for storage or for added workspace; they can vary in size and design, and the materials used to construct the shed will often dictate its visual appeal as well as its strength. Wooden sheds, for example, tend to be very aesthetically pleasing and strong, while plastic sheds tend to be less attractive and not as stable.


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