What Are the Different Types of Back Pain Machines?

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Back pain machines are designed to help alleviate pain throughout the back by either decompressing the spine or strengthening the muscles of the back. An inversion table, for example, allows the user to hang upside down by his or her ankles and/or feet to allow the spine to decompress, relieving pressure on the nerves that surround the spine. Exercise machines specifically designed to strengthen the core muscles as well as the muscles of the back and shoulders can be considered back pain machines because they will lead to a healthier back that is less prone to pain.

An inversion table is one of the most common back pain machines available, though it may not be the right choice for all back pain sufferers. This device features a padded table that pivots at the center, on which the user will lie. It is mounted to a metal frame at the center, which allows the table to invert, or turn upside down. At one end of this table are padded ankle or foot holsters that will secure the user's feet in position when inverted. The user will flip himself to the inverted position and hang there for several minutes, allowing the spine to decompress. The user should not stay in this position for too long, as the blood that rushes to the head can cause headaches or other health issues.


Spinal decompression machines are more elaborate than inversion tables and must be operated by a professional. These types of back pain machines allow a user to lie down on a comfortable table with specifically designed supports for the legs and back. The machine will then gently stretch the spine, allowing for more space between vertebrae. People suffering from bulging or herniated discs may choose this type of back pain remedy, though the machines are complicated and expensive, and they must be operated by a chiropractor, doctor, or other qualified professional.

Other back pain machines are used to strengthen the back. These machines are found in gyms and fitness centers, and they are designed to target strengthening of certain muscles in the back, stomach, hips, legs, shoulders, and so on. When the core muscles of the body are weak or damaged, they cannot adequately support the spine, which can lead to spinal compression or other types of pain. Strengthening these muscles will ensure the spine is properly supported, thereby alleviating pain and preventing it from recurring.


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