What Are the Different Types of Baby Hair Bands?

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Different kinds of baby hair bands vary in their materials and looks. The two main infant hair band types are the stretchy band worn horizontally around the head and the U-shaped version which fits vertically close to her ears. While U-shaped hair bands may be found in hard plastic for older kids, infant varieties are cloth covered for softness, since many babies don't have that much hair. Flowers and bows are common decorative accents on baby hair bands, although some have other embellishments such as animal features.

U-shaped, cloth-covered head bands for babies often have animal ears attached to the top for a cute look. These may be rabbit, bear or cat ears in a soft animal-print fleece or other fabric that typically matches that of the main head band. A U-shaped infant hair band may also be lace-covered and have a ruffled edge all along it. Ribbon roses or gathered ruffles of lace that resemble a flower may be attached to these types of baby hair bands. Some horizontal band styles are also lacy in design, but they typically have a main section made of stretch lace.


A stretch lace infant hair band that fits around the child's head may have a large silk flower or fabric bow on it. Depending on the flower's design, there could be a glittering, jewel-like center. The color combinations in which baby hair bands are sold is extremely wide. Sometimes the flower or bow color is the same as that of the band, while in other styles, the colors of the two different parts may be different.

Some infant hair bands have a more casual style, while others are quite dressy. Velvet and satin baby hair bands are two of the dressiest types as well as popular, classic varieties. Some of these have double, rather than single, bows for an elaborate appeal. Casual infant's hair bands include the ones with animal ears or that have a whimsical feature such as a tiny stuffed animal attached.

Rather than being created from fabric and silk flowers, some baby hair bands are knitted or crocheted. As a knitted or crocheted band has a naturally stretchy shape, it's often ideal for infant hair bands. Most knit and crocheted hair bands for infants include flower attachments worked from stitches to form the petals. Rather than a rectangular band shape, some yarn or fabric infant hair bands are made from a stretchy cord and have a small bow clipped to them.


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