What are the Different Types of Baby Chairs?

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Babies need a place to sit and are usually too small to sit on a chair designed for an adult or child. There are a number of types of baby chairs, from high chairs used to feed the baby to bouncy chairs used to keep a baby entertained. Other types of baby chairs include potty chairs for toilet training and chairs designed to help baby learn to sit up. New parents may wish to use several types of baby chairs to help their infant grow and develop.

A high baby chair is designed to hold the baby in a seated position just above the height of a dining table so that his parents can feed him while seated next to him. Most high chairs have an attached tray for holding the baby's food and feature safety belts to hold the baby in place. A safe high chair will have a crotch post between the baby's legs, which will prevent him from sliding down the chair and getting his head stuck between the tray and the seat.

Baby high chairs range from simple, inexpensive models to pricey designer options. The chairs can be made of wood, metal, or a combination of materials. Some are designed to fold flat for easy storage. Other high chairs are designed for small spaces and can be placed on a tabletop or counter.


After a baby graduates from the high baby chair, she may be placed in a booster seat for feeding. Booster seats often feature trays for the baby's food and straps to hold the baby in place. They are also designed to be strapped securely to a dining room or kitchen chair.

The potty chair is another type of baby chair. A potty chair is the middle step in toilet training, between using diapers and learning to sit on the toilet. Most potty chairs are small plastic seats with removable bowls. Potty chairs often come in bright colors or printed with popular children's characters to encourage toddlers to use them. Some may play music or make encouraging sounds.

Some baby chairs are designed for the youngest infants. These chairs are often attached to a spring structure so that the baby can gently rock or bounce. Many have attached mobiles to keep baby entertained while he sits. A few chairs do not have the spring feature but are very soft and cushy and designed to hold babies in a sitting up position before they can do so on their own.


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