What Are the Different Types of Audio Typist Jobs?

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There are many different career paths that administrative personnel might pursue, and a career in transcription services is one of those choices. These audio typist jobs entail listening live, listening to recordings or both to create a transcript of the information. Professionals can find employment at federal agencies, medical facilities and other content-driven service providers.

Court reporters are often expected to participate in courtroom trials and depositions by attending sessions and typing all of the discussion that unfolds. There are entry-level positions available in which individuals can learn how to use the stenography machines that are common throughout the legal system. After those notes are taken, the reporter might be asked to transcribe the information from the shorthand that was used during the live session or to answer any questions that might be posed by a judge.

Medical transcriptionists represent a type of audio typist jobs. The medical industry uses extremely specific terminology, and individuals who are interested in audio typist jobs in this field will need proper training. Throughout the preparation, students learn how to use the machinery that is used for medical transcribing and should become familiar with medical billing records. By mastering these industry skills, a professional might be able to obtain employment for audio typist jobs across a number of facilities, such as hospitals and medical clinics. The training that is required for these positions might count toward college credit and might include certain career placement opportunities.


There also are audio typist jobs available for freelance individuals. Certain service providers offer transcription services for special events, such as corporate meetings where professionals from various locations gather. Meetings might unfold over the course of days, and the client might want to refer back to the content of those gatherings. Sometimes, for legal reasons, it's not possible to simply record an event visually, so audio might be the best option available.

A freelancer might be hired to arrive at the location of the meeting, to use tape recorders or other means to record the content of the meeting and to take freehand notes to back up those audio tapes. After the meetings are over, the freelance individual might gather up the equipment and take everything back home or to an office to get to work. The assignment would be to listen again to the meetings via all of the audio recordings and transcribe every word into some type of computer document. Compensation might be on a per-hour basis.


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