What Are the Different Types of Artistic Wire?

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Artistic wire is a type of wire used for artistic purposes such as making jewelry. There are many different colors and gauges of artistic wire, as well as several different brands. Sometimes, it is possible to find wire of this type in specific shapes, such as rings or waves. The primary differences between these types of wire are aesthetic, as they are of relatively comparable quality. Depending on the project, various types of wire might be suitable.

One of the main differences between types of artistic wire is the color of the wire. There are traditional metal colors of wire, such as gold, copper, and silver, but there are also other colors like red, blue, and black. Most of these colors have a metallic shine, and it is also possible to have wire in multiple colors.

The gauge of artistic wire also differs, and wire of this type is available in many different sizes. Some types are flat, but most are rounded. The measure of the wire is typically listed on the packaging. Which thickness is appropriate depends on the project.

Wire intended for beading is often more flexible than that intended for wrapping jewelry. Many wire manufacturers list the intended purpose of the wire on the package. This can be helpful when attempting to choose a wire type for a specific project, but most types of artistic wire are quite versatile.


Spools of artistic wire are common, but shorter lengths may be sold wound in coils. Bags of wire rings or other special shapes can also be found. Wire that has been formed into chains or knitted lengths may be sold in a variety of ways. The intended use of the wire often affects the way in which it is sold.

Some people use artistic wire to create complex items like chain mail. When making chain mail items, it can be helpful to have regular lengths of wire that have already been cut and partially formed into rings. For this reason, wire for art is often sold in partially closed rings that can be linked together to create garments and other items.

In addition to artistic wire that is sold specifically for wrapping jewelry and other artistic purposes, it is also possible to use functional wire artistically. Wire of this type can be purchased from electronics stores and may be covered in a coating of some type. When using this type of wire for artistic electronics, it is a good idea to make sure that the wire is safe. People who create artistic electronic devices must make sure that no wires pose a risk of electrocution or fire, no matter how minor.


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