What are the Different Types of Antenna Products?

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Antennas are devices used in the transmission and reception of signals from a variety of types of radios, from broadcast and cable television, and in the use of WiFi, cellular phones, etc. Antenna products is a term used to refer both to antennas themselves as well as to accessory devices that are essential, important, or useful in operating an antenna. When used for the antennas themselves, antenna products can include UHF, VHF, satellite, and HD television antennas, and combinations thereof; AM/FM, CB portable/mobile/portable/base station antennas, and satellite radio antennas; wireless network antennas; cell phone antennas; GPS system antennas; microphone antennas; and radio telescope antennas. The term can also refer to indoor or outdoor antennas, and antennas of different designs, including dish antennas, dipole or rabbit ears antennas, Yagi antennas, loop antennas, and more.

When speaking of antenna products that are accessories, connectors and mounts come easily to mind. Replacing the default antenna on a portable Citizen’s Band radio, for example, requires a Bayonet-Neill-Concelman (BNC). Mounts are used to put antennas on vehicles, such as pick-up trucks and RVs, as well as on walls, balconies, chimneys, masts, and roofs. Special types of antenna mounts include quick disconnect mounts for antennas on vehicles — a device that makes it easy to separate an antenna to safely pass through an area with low clearance, and Quick Tilt™ mounts, which allow an antenna to fold down onto a mast or other holder.


Poles, masts, towers, tripods, and other mounting devices that steady and add height are other antenna products. The height of these items varies widely, and they may be made of wood, metal, and fiberglass, for example. Amplification and rotor products help to get the most of an antenna. There are also grounding components and lightning protection components, such as arrestors and surge surpression devices, are important for safety considerations.

There are also some antenna products that are just for fun. These are the antenna decoration devices called antenna toppers. They may be used with the intent to celebrate team affiliations, support causes, declare beliefs, claim connection with hobbies, beautify, amuse, promote favorite proprietary characters, or even stop traffic.


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