What are the Different Types of Aerobics Games?

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It is rare to find any designated aerobics games, because aerobics by nature is a fairly independent activity. There are plenty of games, however, that offer aerobic benefits when they are played. Many of the most popular sports, for example, such as basketball, football, tennis, or soccer, offer great aerobic benefits because players run for almost the entire duration of the game. Aqua aerobics classes may also offer aerobics games as part of the class; aqua FrisbeeĀ®, for instance, is a fun aerobics game that is played in the water, and is similar to football.

Aerobics games based off of step aerobics, dance aerobics, or kickboxing, for example, are fairly rare. It is difficult to create a game out of aerobics moves, though some people may try to make an aerobics game out of creating new routines. Kids often play aerobics games as well without even realizing it; tag, for example, is a popular game for kids to play outside that also offers great aerobic benefits. Some people find that the best way to get their aerobics workout in is to make it part of a sport or game they already enjoy playing.


There is no reason that aerobics workouts have to be boring. While running on the treadmill offers a great workout, for instance, many people quickly get bored with it and stop exercising. Instead, it might be fun to try a new group sport or individual sport. Tennis and racquetball are both great aerobics games that can be played independently or with others. Basketball and soccer are two sports that offer a lot of aerobic benefits, and many gyms or fitness centers organize teams that members can join. This way, it is possible to have fun and get aerobic exercise at the same time.

Aqua games classes can also be a great way to exercise. The water offers natural resistance to the muscles, and it offers a virtually zero-impact workout. There are many different aerobics games that can be played in the water, and many fitness centers offer classes in aqua aerobics or aqua games. Of course, it is not necessary to play a game to get an aerobics workout that is fun and challenging. Taking the dog for a walk, for example, or going on a hike in the woods are two options that are great exercise; swimming independently in a pool is another aerobic activity that can be fun.


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Post 2

My gym actually offers a weekly capture the flag game in a local park. It tends to be pretty well attended with about 30 people showing up every week.

Many people would not think about capture the flag as an aerobic game, but the truth is that you are running, jumping, crouching and crawling almost constantly. I always feel worn out in the best kind of way when I'm through.

And what I love is that this is a lot more fun way to exercise than simply riding a stationary bike or lifting weights. You quickly get lost in the game and forget that you are exercising.

Post 1

I don't know if this really qualifies as an aerobics game, but I think ultimate frisbee is a great way to get some exercise and have fun at the same time.

In ultimate you pretty much run the entire time. Its dynamic because sometimes you are sprinting and sometimes you are jogging but you are running just about constantly. I have played in games where I am panting after just a few minutes.

But the game is a lot of fun, my favorite sport to play by far. It is also accessible for anyone, even people who have never played before. the rules are simple, it takes a minimum amount of equipment and its forgiving for people who are not great at throwing a frisbee. Give it a shot. You will be amazed at how fast your heart beats.

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