What Are the Different Types of Advertising Mugs?

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Business owners and marketing gurus need ways to advertise their products, services and brand. Many marketing experts use mediums such as television, print advertisements and the Internet to advertise a company. They also may choose to have promotional items made with a company logo on them to give out at trade shows and events. Advertising mugs are one item on which it is easy to put a company logo. There are many different types of advertising mugs from which a business can choose, including ceramic coffee mugs, travel mugs and plastic cold drink mugs.

One of the most common types of advertising mugs is the ceramic coffee mug. Ceramic coffee mugs are typically inexpensive to purchase in bulk and are usually available in almost every color imaginable. There are many Internet websites through which a company can have its logo printed on ceramic coffee mugs. This type of advertising mug can be used for a range of tasks, from holding pens on a customer's desk to holding an employee's coffee during a company meeting. One of the only downsides to a ceramic mug is that it is breakable.


Advertising mugs also can be made out of steel or plastic and designed for travel. These mugs may be available for purchase at a slightly higher price, but are generally still affordable. Plastic and steel mugs can be good for businesses with a target audience that is on the go, such as real estate agents. Travel mugs also may be appreciated by commuters who want to take a beverage with them on the train or bus to work.

A third type of mug is a plastic, cold drink mug that can be used to hold beer or soft drinks. These advertising mugs are often given out at outdoor events hosted by radio stations or charities. Many times when a company sponsors an event, plastic logo mugs are used during the event, acting as a walking advertisement. Consumers then can take the mugs home after the event as a souvenir.

The advertising mug industry offers almost any type of mug imaginable. Depending on a company's target audience, a more highly designed mug may make a good promotional giveaway. Slightly more costly advertising mugs are available that have full-color photos on them instead of just a company logo. Shorter and wider mugs that can be used for consuming soup or drinking a cappuccino also can be made with a company log on them. Mugs that change color when holding a cold beverage also are an option in the plastic mug market.


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Post 4

@cloudel – I collect promotional mugs, and like you, I don't mind doing advertising for the places that give them away. If it weren't for them, I wouldn't have such a big mug collection!

I have gotten several plastic drink mugs from radio stations. They like to set up at various locations and events around town, and then they broadcast the fact that they will be there giving away free stuff at a certain time.

I always go, and promotional mugs are always among the things they are giving away. Sometimes, when they are giving away hot dogs and hamburgers, they will fill the mugs with soda before giving them to you.

I don't even care if I like the type of music they play or not. I have logo mugs from country stations I don't even listen to, but I really don't mind drinking out of them at all.

Post 3

I am a real estate agent, and my boss forces me and the other agents to take our promotional travel mugs wherever we go. She says that it is good for business, but I think it is a pain sometimes.

I would rather just walk around with a bottle of water, because that is what I drink. Instead, I have to go meet clients with a big travel mug in tow that has our company logo in huge letters.

In my opinion, these mugs would be more effective if we gave them away to clients instead of walking around holding them. I drive to most of the places I go, so the only people who see the logo on the mug are the ones who are already using our services.

Post 2

I don't drink coffee, but I do have a custom printed mug on my desk. I work as a graphic designer, but I have a side business of doing pet portraits, and my employer doesn't mind my silent form of advertising.

Sometimes, I have clients come and consult at my desk. A few of them have seen the mug and asked about my other business. I have gotten new customers this way.

The mug has a black and white image of a charcoal bulldog that I drew for someone on the front of it. Underneath the image is my company name and a line stating that I do pet portraits. It's basic and direct, and the quality of the print is attractive enough to get people interested.

Post 1

I think that promotional mugs are an awesome form of advertising. I am always thrilled to get a free mug, and I don't care that it has some company's logo on it. They gave me the mug, so I am glad to do some indirect advertising for them.

Last summer, I attended an art festival that had several food venders present. One was a cafe that served everything from sandwiches to pastries and coffee. They were giving away promotional mugs to anyone who bought coffee, which they served in the mugs.

These mugs were like your basic coffee cup. Since the cafe's logo was cool looking, the mugs were attractive, which made getting a free one even nicer.

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