What Are the Different Types of Advertising Management Systems?

A. Lyke

The different types of advertising management systems deal with multiple dimensions of advertising and can vary depending on the needs of a company. Different advertising management systems include targeting, branding, personal selling, public relations (PR), integrated advertising and holistic advertising. Business leaders might use one type of advertising management or combine two or more systems to create a more complex advertising strategy.

An online advertising network is a company that acts as a liaison between companies that want to advertise online and websites that want to sell advertising space.
An online advertising network is a company that acts as a liaison between companies that want to advertise online and websites that want to sell advertising space.

Targeting is an advertising management system in which marketers identify the set or sets of consumers who are likely to buy the company’s product. These consumer sets are known as target markets. Under targeting-style advertising management systems, marketers study the demographics of the target markets and create product features and advertising that matches the needs, desires and lifestyles of the target market members.

Branding means attempting to make meaningful, lasting connections between positive feelings and the name of the product or product line. Creating a competitive frame of reference is one way to brand. Marketing managers do this by crafting advertisements that define the product as better than competing products in specific ways. Other branding advertising tactics include announcing product benefits, describing product features and identifying the brand with the personality of the target market members.

Retail salespeople and personal sellers are front-line advertisers who have distinct advertising management systems needs. The salespeople need to be recruited and selected from a pool of potential personal sellers. Sales managers give directions regarding the content and tone of sales pitches, which are in-person advertisements.

Public relations is a special kind of advertising that involves ensuring that the general public has a favorable view of the company and the company’s products. For this type of advertising system, PR specialists communicate with the media and the public on behalf of the company, creating advertising that’s subtler than media ads. Other activities in PR advertising management systems include public events, charitable support and government lobbying.

Technology and new media are a large part of a management system called integrated advertising. In integrated advertising systems, marketing managers ensure that all types of the company’s adverting present a unified product message. This message could be related to branding or targeting. Business websites and online ads are key elements of modern integrated advertising.

Holistic advertising applies elements of integrated advertising to longer-term advertising strategies. These types of advertising management systems latch onto a target market and create products, services and advertisements that are geared toward the target market members. Unlike other systems, holistic advertising grows and develops with the consumer, creating strong, life-long brand associations.

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