What are the Different Types of Adventure Travel Tours?

Adventure travel tours usually combine physical activity with an exotic location. They often include some aspect of both adventure and travel, hence the name. Adventure travel tours may be taken alone or with small or large groups. Such tours can be found anywhere in the world, in remote locations or highly popular areas. Each area has various activities to offer, whether it's a desert trek, a jungle safari, or volunteer opportunities at a children's home.

One popular type of adventure travel tour involves hiking. Hikers may find themselves on an active vacation in the jungles of India or the villages of Vietnam. People on these trips generally leave their comfort zones to learn to live in the wilderness, or at least somewhere vastly different than their every day life.

A hiker may eventually find himself ziplining through the forests. A zipline adventure includes wearing a harness similar to a rock-climbing harness, and being hooked to a steel cable. The zipliner may then traverse from tree to tree, at times flying through the air. Plant life and creatures that may not be seen from the ground are often in full view on a ziplining tour.


Like many adventure travel tours, zipline vacations can be taken any time of year since so many countries offer them and the climate is always tolerable somewhere. For those who don't mind heights but who prefer to be in control, mountain climbing is another popular option of adventure travel tours. Climbing the Karakoram Range, which is a mountain range that spans Pakistan, India, and China, is a popular activity.

An American may also have a mountain climbing adventure without leaving the country. The Great Smokey Mountains, a subrange of the Appalachian Mountains, are along the Tennessee-North Carolina border and may be hiked and climbed. Tourists may also find themselves skiing and white water rafting throughout the range depending on the time of year. Many families visit the Great Smokey Mountains National Park. Though not considered as exotic as the blistering international ranges, it is still an adventure travel tour.

For those who prefer more remote or exotic locations, volcano- and island-hopping are options in Hawaii, Fiji, Nicaragua, and Tahiti. For those who don't mind a little snow, there are many arctic expeditions throughout Canada, Norway, Sweden, Alaska and other Northern countries.

VolunTurism — volunteerism mixed with an adventure tour — has also become a popular activity destination. Regardless of whether one wishes to book an adventure to fulfill one's exotic wishes or to help someone in need while on vacation, it is important to fully research such a vacation before leaving. Potential tourists can research adventure travel tours online or contact a travel agent who specializes in exotic locations.


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@irontoenail - I'd have to do a lot of research before going to something like that, because it's really important to me to get a good company before signing up for a trip with them. Adventure travel and tours can be dangerous if you aren't with the right people and it can also be tedious and uncomfortable, but you're stuck if you're on a tour in the middle of nowhere. I'd rather pay more for a good guide than get a bargain and end up with a faulty bungy jump cord.

Post 2

@umbra21 - I think it's a good idea to research it, but there are definitely cases where you can get a bargain through an adventure travel agency that you can't get on your own. This is particularly true if you go to the right place to find the deal.

My sister often goes to travel expos in London (where she is living at the moment) and she gets incredible bargains there because the agents are allowed to barter with the clients and throw in additional perks to the package. She's ended up with multiple trips from the same deal.

She just makes sure that she knows what the value of the tours that she wants are before she goes in and

is confident in dealing with the people she talks to. It's a luxury item, so you've got a lot of leeway for bargaining. And the companies buy tours in bulk, so they can afford to sell them at a cheaper price than you'd get if you bought the experience yourself.
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Most of the time I would recommend that people don't use these kinds of tours, and instead that they just go to these places and do the things on their own. It's cheaper and you can do it on your own schedule.

The only exception is when there is an activity that people would not normally be able to do. I know that some adventure travel companies have exclusive rights to do certain things, like climb on a particular glacier, or swim in particular areas. If there is no other way of doing the activity, then I would use a company like this, but probably wouldn't bother otherwise.

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