What Are the Different Types of Administrative Assistant Career Objectives?

YaShekia King

Administrative assistants are individuals who support higher officials in an organization and strive to make sure that business responsibilities are completed correctly and on time. These people generally need to have only high school diplomas or the equivalent certifications, but can complete one-year college certificate or two-year associate degree programs to become more employable. Mastering office procedures and thoroughly understanding a business are major administrative assistant career objectives. Other goals include working for an executive and becoming certified in this industry.

An administrative assistant working.
An administrative assistant working.

One of multiple administrative assistant career objectives is to master a variety of office procedures. For example, a person in this field should strive to improve his or her typing skills so that he or she produces correspondence and other documents as quickly and as accurately as possible. In addition, he or she needs to aim to become better at offering stellar customer service to visitors, as well as responding to telephone calls rapidly. A person who works in this vocational area must want to improve his or her ability to organize meetings and complete other detailed duties that allow his or her company to operate successfully.

An administrative assistant going over her supervisor's schedule.
An administrative assistant going over her supervisor's schedule.

Goals in this industry also include knowing an employer well. An individual who completes administrative tasks at a business should aspire to learn as many details about the entity as possible because this increases his or her ability to answer visitors’ and callers’ questions about the company. As a result, he or she can offer better service to guests, thus enhancing the business’ reputation in the community. Administrative assistant career objectives also include understanding company processes and protocols so that a professional can ensure that documents are distributed to the proper personnel and that he or she involves the correct officials in certain situations.

The opportunity to become an executive assistant constitutes another aspiration in this field. This type of person helps the highest-level officials at an organization and thus takes on more responsibility than a traditional assistant. He or she therefore typically earns a larger wage. Becoming competent enough to develop board meeting agendas and even represent executive officers at gatherings are important administrative assistant career objectives. An individual also needs to get used to completing research for business reports and updating an executive’s calendar in order to succeed in this role.

Becoming certified is additionally an aim in this line of work. Certification comes from professional associations and can be earned by passing examinations. Industry credentials constitute administrative assistant career objectives because these designations make a person more attractive to hiring managers and could also result in a higher salary. Being certified proves to companies that a person is qualified to work in this field and is passionate about his or her responsibilities.

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