What Are the Different Types of 3D Animation Jobs?

C.B. Fox

There are a variety of different 3D animation jobs available. Many of them are found in companies that produce films, video games, and advertisements, though there are also other industries that make use of animators. Animators may create three dimensional objects and then move these objects around the screen or they may work in background animation, lighting, and storyboarding. Directors and producers can also find 3D animation jobs and though these professionals may not work on an animation itself, they are still an essential part of a 3D animation team.

Storyboard artists figure out the precise storyline of an animated film.
Storyboard artists figure out the precise storyline of an animated film.

Some of the most common 3D animation jobs involve the creation and animation of computer generated characters or objects. Modelers are used to create the three dimensional objects seen in animations. These professionals often focus on just the physical structure of these objects, allowing other artists to add details such as texture and color. Once the objects have been modeled on a computer, an animator is needed to program movement that brings these objects to life.

Aside from the creation and animation of 3D objects, 3D animators may also be involved in the creation of the environments these objects are found in. Background artists are used to illustrate the world that characters and objects exist in. In some cases, the world created by people with these types of 3D animation jobs needs to be rendered in three dimensions so that the camera angle can change inside the animation and show the environment from a variety of different angles. Alternatively, backgrounds may be made in two dimensions that appear to be in three when viewed from a certain angle.

There are also 3D animation jobs that are not involved with the actual creation of the animation. Layout artists are used to determine how to arrange the objects and backgrounds within the frame. Storyboard artists are needed to figure out the exact story line, whether the animation is a full length film or a brief advertisement. 3D animation also requires the use of lighting and specialized animators are often needed to provide computer generated light in an animation.

It is possible for 3D animation jobs to be found in a number of different fields. Some of the most common industries that make use of 3D animators are the film and video game industries. It is also possible to find these kinds of jobs in military organizations, advertising firms, and companies that create educational resources.

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