What Are the Different Treatments for Leg Tremors?

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Treatment for leg tremors depends on the cause for the tremors as well as patient response to the various treatment options. Dietary changes and lifestyle modification often provide sufficient relief, although medications may sometimes be needed. Eating a healthy diet and limiting alcohol and caffeine use may help to reduce the occurrence of leg tremors. A moderate exercise program may also be beneficial, provided that the patient is healthy enough to exercise safely. Nutritional deficiencies or other underlying medical conditions may be treated with vitamin supplements or prescription medications. Any specific questions or concerns about individualized treatment options for leg tremors should be discussed with a doctor or other medical professional.

In many cases, leg tremors are either caused or made worse by nutritional deficiencies or poor dietary habits. A doctor, nutritionist, or dietitian can help the patient create a healthy eating plan based on individual nutritional needs. Conditions such as anemia may be treated with nutritional supplements. Simple blood tests can reveal the presence of any significant deficiencies. Limiting or eliminating alcohol, nicotine, or caffeine may be recommended in an effort to reduce the frequency or severity of leg tremors, especially if the symptoms become worse at night, as is often the case with restless leg syndrome, one of the most common contributing factors to the development of these tremors.


Lifestyle changes may be beneficial in treating leg tremors. A moderate exercise program that has been approved by a doctor has been shown to be helpful in many cases. Healthy sleep habits are also important, as a lack of adequate amounts of sleep or a deviation in the normal sleep schedule may worsen symptoms. Massage or the use of cold compresses may be helpful, especially if the tremors are caused by restless leg syndrome. Each patient may have specific triggers that worsen the occurrences of leg tremors, and these triggers should be avoided as they are discovered.

Prescription medications are sometimes a necessary part of treatment for leg tremors, especially if other methods have not been successful. Pain medications, anti-convulsants, or dopamine agonists may be used to treat this symptom, depending on the underlying cause. In some instances, these medications may be used in conjunction with one another in order to provide maximum results. Some underlying medical issues that may cause tremors involving the legs include multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, and thyroid dysfunction. It is important to visit a doctor to obtain an accurate diagnosis and create an individualized treatment plan.


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