What are the Different Telesales Jobs?

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Telesales jobs may involve any number of services. For instance, the automotive industry generally has many available positions in telesales that deal with auto parts sales, maintenance, and insurance. Telesales representatives also sell all kinds of products, ranging from fitness equipment to lawn care products. Telesales jobs in any of these fields may include a senior vice president or an assistant manager, to name a few roles.

Some of the different telesales jobs include telesales account manager jobs and online telesales representative positions. Sales development agent is another type of telesales job. A telesales business representative and outband sales director are other jobs in this field.

Customer service representatives may work in telesales jobs. Those who do this type of work are generally answering questions and responding to customer complaints. A customer service telesales representative may need to file reports and assist customers with troubleshooting or services his company offers.

A telesales supervisor will oversee subordinates and typically train new employees. He may coordinate schedules, appointments, and meetings. The supervisor is generally one who implements creative new business strategies and discusses new concepts with his employees. He will also recommend products and services to clients and demonstrate ways his subordinates may improve sales.


Account executives hold important telesales jobs that come with major responsibilities. Someone in this job may be responsible for auditing company finances. He often oversees activities of employees and checks to ensure sales quotas are being met.

Senior telesales managers typically handle matters directly in the call center. It is typical of this type of manager to hire or dismiss employees. Issuing formal reprimands is another of the responsibilities he may be required to handle. Communicating directly with clients to ensure customer satisfaction is a typical part of his daily work. Often a senior sales manager in telesales will organize meetings for his staff and co-workers and listen to any concerns his employees may have.

There are other miscellaneous careers in telesales that involve various aspects of selling. Director of inside sales is another position in telesales and telemarketing. Telesales Internet manager is a position that focuses on Internet sales and marketing. Telesales wireless consultant is a job that involves sales of wireless communication devices and services. Telesales schedulers generally work with the human resource department of a company.

A team leader in any telesales job typically supervises and oversees his team of co-workers. He's generally responsible for schedules and various administrative tasks. He may work closely with his manager to accomplish large goals, but generally makes minor decisions on his own.


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