What Are the Different Technical Representative Jobs?

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There are several types of technical representative jobs in varying industries. Technical representatives are generally experts in the maintenance and servicing of technical items, such as computers and electronics. Many different types of organizations have Information Technology (IT) departments that employ technical representatives.

One of the positions that falls under the classification of technical representative jobs is a technical service representative. This job may require travel, as these employees often go to the source of the problem to repair it. Technical service representatives sometimes represent the company to the customer, so they may be required to be exceptionally professional and courteous. In addition, this position usually requires strong communication skills. Technical service representatives perform technical services such as fixing or installing computer software or hardware.

A technical help desk representative is another of the technical representative jobs available; in this position, representatives work in their company offices as opposed to traveling to job sites. They may work over the telephone, assisting customers by troubleshooting problems and helping to find solutions. Computer maintenance and repair are common areas in which technical help desk representatives assist customers. Strong phone etiquette is important for this position; however, online assistance has become more common. In the case of online assistance, technical help representatives may chat online with customers, providing direction over the computer as opposed to over the phone.


A third category of technical representative jobs is the technical support representative. These positions can be either internal or external. Some support professionals work within an organization assisting employees with computer problems, while others may travel to different areas setting up computer networks and providing the service and maintenance for these networks. A university in need of a new software system, for example, may utilize one or more technical support representatives to complete the job.

Technical support representatives should be knowledgeable of both software and hardware, as installing new systems is often part of the job. They should also be able to evaluate the needs of the customers they are assisting. Technical support representatives often train employees within an organization on how to use new systems or software. This position can sometimes overlap with the technical help desk representative position, as the support representative may work over the telephone. Most commonly, technical representative jobs exist within fields related to computer systems and software; however, these professional may also work in electronics and other related fields.


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