What Are the Different Strategies for Community Development?

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Strategies for community development require putting a plan together that incorporates the residents of the community. These strategies also include erecting social and educational institutions and a sense of pride in the each of the residents so that they are proud of the community in which they live, work and play.

The first of the strategies for community development is to put together a committee of team members. This committee of team members will be the representatives of the entire community. This team will also be responsible for putting together the community development plan. Once the plan is in place, this same committee of team members will also be responsible for implementing or rolling out the plan.

When the planning committee assembles, it should be a representative group of the residents that live in the community. This should include representation across ethnic groups, household makeup, age groups, household incomes and other demographics. This way, everyone’s interests are represented as the plan starts to come together.

The strategies for community development plan should include social activities, educational institutions and ways to involve members of the community in taking pride in their community. Some of the social activities the community can plan will depend on the demographics of the community. If the community is made up of mostly families with children, then erecting basketball courts and playground structures should be one of the strategies for community development.


Education plays a vital role in community development. The better the educational institutions in a community, the more likely the children in the community will earn an education and go on to be educated adults. Education levels also boost the economy in a community, so the more educated residents a community has, the more potential for a better economic situation.

Planning community activities that bring residents together is another of the important strategies for community development. This can include small scale events, such as block parties that are held once a year. It may also include some type of festivities or large fairs for holidays throughout the year.

The primary point is to give residents pride in where they live by encouraging community involvement in beautifying the area. Community developer Encourage them to throw trash in the trash cans rather than on the floor. Leaders can encourage unity in the community by staging events for people to come together. A community crime watch program where different residents volunteer to drive around and look for criminal activity is another strategy for creating a safer, more attractive place to live.


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