What are the Different Shilajit Benefits?

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Ayurvedic medicine is known to incorporate many different herbs in treating various conditions. Shilajit, also known as Silajit, is such an herb, and is considered one of the most important healing compounds in Ayurveda. Shilajit benefits may include enhancing stamina, increasing sex drive, and managing pain and stress, among many others.

There many be many different Shilajit benefits, and many herbalists claim that any treatable condition may be improved through use of a Shilajit supplement. The resin, created from decomposed plants, has been extracted from the Himalayan mountains since ancient times to be used in treating pain and various illnesses. The Indus civilization may have even used the resin as a medical tonic.

Increasing virility and libido are some of the most popular purported Shilajit benefits. To be used as such, a Shilajit tincture is often added to milk as a homemade elixir. With it antioxidant components, the resin is also often marketed as an anti-aging drug. Pain management, especially when discomfort is caused by inflammation or arthritis, is another common use of Shilajit capsules. Research indicates that the herbal remedy may be helpful in treating diabetes, as it can help metabolize glucose.


Nervous and depressive disorders, such as paralysis or mental fatigue, may be aided with the use of a Shilajit supplement. Some herbalists suggest it may help prevent ulcers from forming or growing. Known as nectar from God, Shilajit is also considered a powerful general health tonic, helping the body to receive and absorb more nutrients. Shilajit benefits also may include treating mineral deficiencies, as the resin has a high mineral content.

Stomach pain, ulcers, and other gastrointestinal problems may also be treated with Shilajit extract. Some people with obesity have found that the resin helps reduce weight and prevent weight gain. Shilajit benefits also extend toward the concentration and alertness of the mind, making it a popular drug used to help promote intelligence and memory. Issues with the liver, blood pressure, sperm counts, infections, kidneys, the heart, urinary tract, and blood have all been treated with Shilajit.

Amber to dark brown in color, Shilajit is very soft, gummy substance. Slimy and heavy, pure Shilajit should never be used raw; it should be treated and purified prior to use. The material may dissolve in water. The source of the resin is also controversial; some claim that rather than its plant origin, it is made with precious metals.

Other names for the resin include mineral wax, Shilajeet, mineral pitch, Shilajita Mumiyo, ozokerite, girij, and black asphaltum. Its Latin name is Asphaltum punjabianum. Its Sanskrit translation means "from the rocks."


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Post 4

I used shilajit several times a week for several months. I had a check-up after that and saw in my test results that both bad cholesterol and blood sugar have reduced. I have type 2 diabetes and had been seeing high blood sugar averages. My cholesterol was also a bit higher than normal. Shilajit has improved both of these. My cholesterol is now normal and my three month blood sugar range is lower.

I have no idea if other people will experience these benefits but it's probably worth trying.

Post 3

@ddljohn-- I have not tried shilajit for erectile dysfunction but I have been doing research on this ayurvedic remedy. It's difficult to answer your question because there are not many studies done on shilajit. As far as I know and as of 2014, there is only one scientific study. The study showed that shilajit has a positive effect on testosterone and sperm quantity, quality and motility.

So if a man is experiencing erectile dysfunction due to low testosterone, then shilajit will most probably help. It can also help with infertility. But I'm sure you know that there are various different causes of erectile dsyfunction. This problem can even be psychological. In such cases, shilajit might not help. Moreover, how the remedy is used, the dose and treatment period will be influential on the results as well.

It's best to speak to a homeopathy practitioner and use the remedy if the doctor feels that it is suitable.

Post 2

Has anyone here tried shilajit for erectile dysfunction? Did it work?

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