What are the Different Refrigeration Jobs?

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Four different types of refrigeration jobs typically are available: home appliance installation, commercial refrigeration installation, maintenance, and sales. All four jobs require a minimum of three years of post-secondary training in the installation and maintenance of refrigeration units. A refrigerator uses a combination of mechanical, electrical, and chemical tools to create a space that can maintain a lower temperature. These units are used in most homes, commercial kitchens, and other specialized locations.

People who enjoy refrigeration jobs typically are good with their hands, have a natural mechanical aptitude, and enjoy working with others. He or she naturally is outgoing and curious about how systems work. This type of work usually is independent with limited interaction with other professionals; contact primarily occurs directly with individual clients.

Home appliance installation is a common starting point and can be great way to gain the skills necessary to qualify for different refrigeration jobs. This position requires physical fitness, strength, and mechanical skills. There is a wide range of options available for a home refrigeration unit, and it usually is important for the installer to be able to work with all of these products.

Commercial refrigeration units range in size from small rooms to large warehouses. The size of the space determines the number of units required, how they should be installed, and the maintenance required. These projects often are managed by an installation service team of refrigeration professionals.


Maintenance services are an essential part of any refrigeration mechanics job. These services range from regular, scheduled maintenance to emergency repairs and services. This type of work requires availability outside of regular office hours, including weekends and evenings.

Sales refrigeration jobs are available in a range of different settings, from equipment sales to construction firms. These positions are most suitable to candidates who have excellent interpersonal skills and enjoy working with a range of people. It usually is important to be knowledgeable about the products, as well as the most common applications.

Promotional opportunities vary, depending on the industry and the type of position a refrigeration specialist currently holds. For example, as a mechanic, promotion to supervisor or manager can be dependent upon the size of the firm. Sales staff can move to management or client-service positions if the firm is successful.

All these jobs can provide a rewarding, stable career to candidates with the required skills and dedication. Many people assume that this is a male-dominated field, but this has changed dramatically in recent years. Increasingly, woman are finding and developing solid careers in the refrigeration field.


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