What are the Different Publicist Jobs?

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The different publicist jobs are located in the movie, music, fashion, publishing, and business industries. Publicists work in entertainment, corporate and non-profit environments. They are tasked with interacting with the public and the media to manage the image of clients and to promote their products or services. Most publicist jobs require excellent verbal and written communication skills, sound judgment, and strong interpersonal skills.

Job descriptions of publicists are generally similar across a variety of industries. A publicist is typically required to promote a positive image of his client’s name, brand, products, and services. In addition to managing the public’s impression of the client, the publicist is generally responsible for finding ways to increase the public’s exposure to the client’s offerings. It is common for publicists to accomplish this through writing press releases and interacting with the media.

Publicist jobs in the publishing industry typically involve activities that alert the media and the public that a published work has been completed. Upon completing a book, an author can expect his publicist to send press releases to newspapers and magazines, informing them of the book’s availability. If the author is going to be interviewed on a television or radio program, the publicist will gauge if the specific media outlet is the best option for the book and the author. A publicist in this scenario might also schedule book readings, coordinating with various venues to advertise the author’s book tour.


The entertainment industry is a large arena for publicist jobs. Performers of all kinds generally need representation from publicists to handle responses for interview requests. When actors and musicians complete new works and attend special events, publicists inform the media of their attendance through press releases. Publicists also respond to rumors and media gossip about the personal lives of celebrities, often speaking on behalf of their clients and denying untruths.

Publicist jobs may also be found in both the corporate and non-profit industries. Companies hire publicists to manage the image of their brands, products, and services. In the event of product malfunction or customer complaints, publicists often step in with carefully thought-out responses to the media to control controversy and bad press.

The qualification and training requirements for publicist jobs vary across different sectors. Some publicists have college degrees and others do not. An ability to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing is a requirement. Publicists need to have control over their emotions and respond to the media in a level-headed way. Creativity is also an important quality, as publicists utilize innovative approaches in promoting their clients and minimizing bad press.


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