What are the Different Presbyopia Exercises?

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Presbyopia exercises, such as palming, are believed to be helpful with vision correction. Such eye exercises include a special type of exercise known as the pencil push-up, as well as yoga. Visual games may also be useful as presbyopia exercises.

While the regular use of presbyopia exercises may not completely alleviate the need for reading glasses in everyone, they are believed to help strengthen the eyes and stop vision from becoming worse over time. In some people, eye exercises suggested by an ophthalmologist can actually help eliminate the need for reading glasses as eyesight can improve over time if exercises are diligently practiced. Ophthalmology professionals believe that many can avoid ever being prescribed reading glasses if proper eye care and eye exercises are routinely practiced.

Presbyopia exercises, such as the pencil push-up are easy to do at home or virtually anywhere else. By placing a tiny letter on the tip of a pencil, holding the pencil in front of the face and gradually drawing the pencil inward toward the tip of the nose while attempting to clearly focus on the letter, vision can sometimes be strengthened. According to ophthalmologists who advise this exercise, doing it regularly helps the eyes learn to focus on the sharpness and contrast of letters at varying distances from the eye.


The stretching poses and motions used in yoga also may be counted among the different presbyopia exercises. While strengthening other parts of the body, yoga also helps relax the optical nerves. Yoga also helps ease tension and tone the optical nerves for better vision, overall.

One exercise known as palming has been promoted for years as being useful in improving vision. By placing the palms of the hands over the eyes, without applying pressure, and completely blocking out all light, the eyes are able to completely relax for several minutes or for as long as the position can be held. Presbyopia exercises like this are aimed at reducing eye strain and allowing the eyes to refresh after periods of prolonged or strenuous use.

Presbyopia exercises also include visual games. One such game is known as the banner swing, which involves following a white light as it moves from left to right. While watching the light, letters can be seen, but should be observed in such a way as to not cause any friction or discomfort to the eyes. Presbyopia exercises such as this one are found online and are designed to help improve or expand a person’s visual field.


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Post 3

Eyesight exercises sound like a good idea. Even if it turns out that they don't work, what could hurting them try?

Things could only get better, in my opinion. If they stay the same, at least you tried.

Post 2

@orangey03 – I really doubt that it could help. A person with astigmatism has an irregularly shaped eyeball, and I don't think any amount of exercise in focusing could change that.

Most people do choose contact lenses for astigmatism. However, people whose eyesight is just declining because they are getting older might benefit from presbyopia exercises.

Post 1

Wow, I didn't know that eye exercises could improve vision! I thought that you either had to get surgery, glasses, or contacts.

I tried wearing contacts for my astigmatism, but my eyes just could not get used to the dryness. I wound up stuck wearing prescription glasses.

Can presbyopia exercises work for someone with astigmatism, or are they only beneficial to people who need regular reading glasses? I'd love to give them a try if I thought they might heal my vision impairment.

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