What are the Different Options for Fence Edging?

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Fence edging is used to edge gardens, walkways, or individual plants and can be made from a variety of styles and colors. Wooden pickets, bamboo, wrought iron, and chain link styles are among the most popular. Some people think fence edging can give a cleaner, more modern—or even rugged—appearance to a lawn, depending on the chosen edging. The sturdiness, cost, and overall look are often important factors when purchasing fence edging. With this kept in mind, it may be easier to decide between bamboo, chain link, and more.

The traditional white picket fence comes in a miniature version for edging. This edging is most often white, but it is not impossible to find other colors, such as pink and purple. Plain wooden picket fence edging can also be purchased to stain or paint a custom color. This type of fence edging is usually either plastic or wood. The less expensive picket fence edging can be somewhat flimsy and unsuitable for strong weather or placement in hard ground.


As the fastest growing plant in the world, bamboo is an eco-friendly option for edging gardens and lawns. Bamboo edging can be light beige to very dark brown in color. Though it is technically a grass, bamboo can be stronger than hardwood, depending on its quality. To ensure the longevity of bamboo fence edging, however, the grass should not touch the ground to avoid drawing in moisture and causing rot. Due to this issue, bamboo fences usually have a wooden frame to cover the top and bottom.

Black wrought-iron fence edging is typically considered more modern than white picket edging. This type of edging usually has a black finish, and is available in hundreds of styles. For example, some iron fencing have the cross-patterns of traditional fencing, while others follow a diamond or flower pattern. This is one of the sturdiest types of fence edging available, but generally more expensive than wood or plastic. It might also require more upkeep than other materials, as it can fade and rust.

Another option for edging is chain link, which is usually made from steel poles and steel wire. Like wrought iron fencing, chain link fencing can be purchased in many styles. It is also capable of rusting and requires regular upkeep to prevent permanent damage. Some fence edgings are made to look as if they are made from steel but are actually made from plastic. This can be cheaper than true chain link fencing, with the additional benefits of never rusting and being capable of retaining glow-in-the-dark paint for lighting pathways.


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