What are the Different Options for a do-It-Yourself Kitchen Remodel?

Susan Grindstaff

Most of the time, a do-it-yourself kitchen remodel includes simple projects that don't require a great deal of experience or training. It is a good idea to leave cabinet making or restructuring walls or windows to trained professionals. Despite these limitations, there are a great many possibilities for a do-it-yourself kitchen remodel. Even beginners can give their kitchens a brand new look by simply changing floor coverings and creating new color schemes by using paint and wallpaper.

A newly-remodeled kitchen.
A newly-remodeled kitchen.

Installing new floor covering can sometimes make a huge difference in the overall look of a room. Vinyl floor covering that is installed in one piece is difficult for beginners, but self-stick vinyl tiles may be an option. These tiles usually go down quickly and do not require a great deal of skill to install. They are available in many different colors and styles and are already backed with adhesive. In most cases, it is a matter of simply peeling off the paper backing and sticking the tile to the floor, but if these tiles are installed over sealed wood or old vinyl, it is usually recommended that additional vinyl adhesive be used.

Replacing old kitchen appliances may help create a new look for a kitchen.
Replacing old kitchen appliances may help create a new look for a kitchen.

Changing the color of the room is probably the easiest way to achieve a do-it-yourself kitchen remodel. Giving walls, ceilings and woodwork a brand new color can bring about dramatic changes in d├ęcor. Using different colors of paint for walls and ceilings often makes small rooms look larger. Another way to use paint to change the look of a room is by selecting one wall as an accent wall, and painting it in a contrasting color. This can add width and depth to a narrow space.

Wallpaper is another good option for a do-it-yourself kitchen remodel. Wallpaper is more expensive than paint, but it often produces more dramatic results. Beginners should stay with wallpaper that does not have vertical matching points, such as stripes or checks. All over floral prints are usually more forgiving, and even if the installation is not perfect, errors are usually difficult to spot.

If budget allows, replacing old appliances can create a new look for the kitchen. Appliances come in a wide variety of colors and styles, such as black, stainless steel, and avocado. Replacing ordinary white appliances with new ones in a more dramatic or vibrant color often goes a long way in creating a brand new look for the room.

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