What Are the Different Online Advertising Strategies?

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Online advertising became very popular at the turn of the 21st century because a large portion of consumers began using the Internet to make purchases. Businesses have since learned the difference between successful and unsuccessful online marketing strategies. The best strategies include appealing to shoppers’ needs and motivating them to make a purchase. Using social media sites as marketing platforms is also very successful. The use of search engine optimization (SEO) tactics has also allowed businesses to create eye-catching headline ads and this technique has proved itself to be one of the most profit-generating online marketing strategies.

Effective online advertising strategies increase consumers’ motivation and promote behavior patterns that lead to a sale being made. According to Abraham Maslow, humans have five basic needs in life: physiological, safety, social, esteem, and self-actualization. Businesses should appeal to at least one of these needs in their ads in order to increase consumers’ motivation to make a purchase. To further increase consumers’ attention, it is important to include call-to-action statements as a way to guide behavior patterns.


Since a profoundly large number of consumers use social media platforms, streaming ads to them is very effective. The ads should include social content and be delivered based on affinities. In addition to streaming, businesses should create their own community in a wide range of online avenues. Social media platforms are also excellent online advertising strategies to use because they allow businesses to integrate offline and online ads. When ads are placed on more than one social media site, they should be specifically customized to each platform’s virtual environment.

In 2010, over 80% of Internet users used search engines to locate websites, which validates the importance for businesses to create ads that will be identified by the engines. By using SEO online advertising strategies, businesses are able to empower their ads and rest assured that prominent rankings are achieved within a number of different popular search engines. These techniques are also a very cost efficient way to reach a large number of Internet users. Since effective headlines are important in catching the attention of consumers, SEO tactics should always be used when a headline is being created.

Other effective online advertising strategies include link and content advertising. Link advertising involves connecting to shoppers from one source; the source is the site on which the link is posted. Content advertising includes connecting through two different sources. Many times, online press releases are used as a source, as well as a content or blog site. Many businesses use content advertising through video sites as well.


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