What are the Different Night Auditor Jobs?

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A night auditor is a hotel or motel employee who handles many of the financial end-of-day activities. Depending on the size and type of hotel or motel, night auditor jobs generally involve bookkeeping, financial activities of the hotel or motel and sometimes acting as a front desk clerk. Also, larger hotels might employ more than one night auditor or have several night auditor jobs ranging from full-time to part-time positions.

The primary responsibility of most night auditor jobs is to handle the bookkeeping and management of financial activities for the hotel or motel. Reviewing room charges, restaurant charges, room service charges and any other financial transactions that might occur in the hotel or motel are all part of the night auditor’s job. If there are problems within the financial activities of the day, the night auditor is responsible for tracking down the discrepancy and fixing it. He or she also makes deposits and ensures that enough cash is in the till each morning.


Night auditor jobs generally require some knowledge of bookkeeping. After transactions have been reviewed and any discrepancies have been identified and rectified, the night auditor records all transactions in a ledger. Entering information in this ledger is an important aspect of the job because it produces a record of financial activity. In addition, financial reports might be drawn up from this listing of account activity. These reports can give the manager and owner of the hotel or motel valuable information that might be needed in order for him or her to make decisions about staffing, expansion or other issues.

In some hotels and motels, night auditor jobs involve manning the front desk. Some facilities might have a night auditor who specifically handles this task and another night auditor who handles the financial aspects of the job. Other hotels and motels might have a night auditor who handles it all. The tasks that might be completed while running the front desk includes checking guests in and out, handling guest complaints or requests and taking reservations.

Many times, night auditor jobs require certain skills in order to gain employment. Knowledge of computers, experience in customer service, bookkeeping experience and management experience are all qualities and capabilities for which a prospective employer might look. Many times, a high school diploma is sufficient as far as education is concerned, although a degree in business or hospitality, travel and tourism might help an individual secure a job faster or secure a better paycheck.


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Post 3

I worked as a night auditor in college. I did most of my homework there since my actual auditing took me just two hours a night. Not many guests check in or out overnight so I had little work to do in the front. My main job at the end of a shift was setting up the breakfast area.

Post 2

@Mme Sasha - If the hotel is part of a corporation there are usually teams of auditors in a single location. These auditors are then audited by the corporation's finance department. For a little mom and pop place, who knows? The night auditor probably is not audited if it's a single location. Then again, a single location's finances are pretty simple and the owners will have a good idea of how the business is running.

Post 1

Does anyone audit the night auditor? If they make an error it seems like it could have a big impact on daily business operations.

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