What are the Different Navy Civilian Jobs?

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Navy civilian jobs range from security to engineering. For practically every career in the Navy, a civilian position also exists. The civilian position often shadows the naval service member; however, in some cases, the civilian employee supersedes the naval member. The Navy civilian jobs often pay salaries comparable to or above those civilian positions outside of the Navy.

Many of the Navy civilian jobs are in the shipyards. Designing and maintaining military ships is often handled by those with Navy civilian jobs. Welders and engineers are accompanied by electricians and painters all working with the Navy, but also all are civilians. These civilian positions often pay competitive annual salaries that make the job lucrative. The Navy is selective and only the top candidates land Navy civilian jobs.

Navy civilian jobs can be found by visiting This website has a listing of naval jobs available to civilians. Also check the Navy's website and look at the employment section. In either case, follow directions on how to apply for the positions desired. Once a position has been chosen, apply and send a resume according to the website directives. Failure to adhere to the rules exactly will be grounds for exclusion from the hiring process.


Often, Navy civilian jobs are found through word of mouth. Naval personnel share information about upcoming positions with friends and colleagues — the same way as it happens in the private sector. Placing yourself within the ranks of such people is often a great way to hear of a potential job opening. Check the sources often and be diligent on returning to the source for updated information. Navy civilian jobs are listed often and typically have a great number of applications for any given position.

With the modern Navy utilizing state-of-the-art electronics, many civilian jobs are available in technology fields. Computer programming, program analyst,IT specialist as well as audio-visual production specialist positions are abundant. Surveillance positions are always in demand for those who have security or police training. The Navy is frequently looking for retired police to help train active duty personnel as well as to man post entrance gates.

From cement contractors to plumbers, the Navy has a need for civilian positions to be filled with qualified applicants. Medical positions are also filled by civilian contractors. Many of the naval base's medical technician slots are filled by civilians. Dentists and doctors, nurses and hospital staff positions are all filled with the help of civilian employees.


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