What are the Different Natural Remedies for Rosacea?

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Those suffering from skin disorders like rosacea do not always want to take antibiotics or prescription drugs to clear it up. Fortunately, there are various natural remedies for rosacea that many people can use at home. Vitamins, such as vitamin B complex, beta-carotene, vitamin C, and more can all help clear up facial redness. Many people also believe that certain types of tea work well to get rid of this issue, such as fenugreek tea. Additionally, it is possible to find natural face creams that work well to combat this problem.

Vitamins are quite helpful when dealing with rosacea, as certain types help heal the skin and allow it to thrive. For example, taking vitamin B complex can result in healthier nails, hair, and skin, while vitamin C can speed up the healing process while improving immunity. Beta-carotene and zinc both heal the skin, and flaxseed oil helps to prevent inflammation. Taking some or all of these vitamins daily as natural remedies for rosacea can help eliminate the issue over time.


Some other types of natural remedies for rosacea include certain types of tea. One of the best kinds is fenugreek tea, which should help heal rosacea after about two weeks of daily ingestion. Chamomile tea can be applied to the face and washed off, or placed on a washcloth that is applied to the skin. Green tea is also thought to help, but this tea has proven more effective when used as a cream rather than as a drink or face wash.

Other creams are considered natural remedies for rosacea, as well. Azelaic acid cream, which is comprised of barley, wheat, and rye, can help decrease the growth rate of bacteria. This eventually decreases redness and reduces the number of pustules on the face. Aloe is another natural cream that can be applied to the face to help soothe the skin.

Aside from adding certain vitamins to the diet, other changes can be made to help with facial redness. One of the natural remedies for rosacea includes limiting caffeinated and alcoholic beverages. Some people also find that eating spinach, dairy products, raisins, figs, avocados, and yeast can all cause the symptoms of rosacea to get worse, so they need to cut such products out of their diet. In addition, staying out of the sun, avoiding stress when possible, and steering clear of heavy exercise can all decrease the chances of triggering this skin disorder.


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Post 3

You might want to try making your own cream to go on your skin, since then you'll be able to make sure that there aren't any chemicals or anything bad or unnatural in it.

Cold creams are pretty easy to make and there are a lot of recipes for them online. You make the base and then you add whatever you want to use with it.

The only thing to be cautious of is that some things, particularly oils, may tend to go rancid if you don't prepare them properly and try to keep them too long. Once you've made a cream, keep it in the fridge and use it quickly.

The only reason that commercial creams don't need to be refrigerated is because they have a lot of preservatives in them, which is exactly what you want to avoid.

Post 2

@clintflint - The most plausible studies I've seen on rosacea seem to point towards it being related to gut bacteria. They usually recommend a high fiber, low carbohydrate diet in order to get the bacteria into a good state.

I do think that it's important to just be good to your skin, but I have to be honest, I've never found a cream that could do much for my rosacea, whether natural or not. It does what it likes, but it does seem to be better when I'm in good health and worse when I'm not taking care of myself.

Post 1

Rosacea isn't very well understood, so I would take all advice with a pinch of salt. Which is not to say that a natural acne rosacea treatment won't work for you, but just that you should try them cautiously, note down what does work and then continue to apply it.

That goes double for cutting things out of your diet or changing your exercise habits. If you've never noticed before that heavy exercise will bring on the redness, don't take it for granted that stopping it will stop your flare-ups.

You just have to find what works for you and stick to it.

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