What are the Different Motorcycle Mechanic Jobs?

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Motorcycle mechanic jobs are not often easy to find, and the jobs that are available are not always high paying. Some jobs, however, will allow a mechanic to make a livable wage doing enjoyable and challenging work. Motorcycle sales and repair shops often have motorcycle mechanic jobs available for qualified applicants, though the competition for such jobs may be fierce. Other motorcycle mechanic jobs may be available on race circuits; such positions often require a candidate to have several years of experience, and competition for such jobs will be especially fierce, as the positions are few. A race mechanic may be required to travel regularly and be able to conduct repairs on site in a short amount of time.


Job competitiveness may lead some people interested in mechanic positions to attend schooling in order to gain training in the field. This may help the candidate obtain motorcycle mechanic jobs, but such schooling can be costly and the salary associated with motorcycle mechanic jobs are often quite low to start. Schooling may not be the best option for most candidates; instead, he or she might consider job shadowing current motorcycle mechanics and volunteering at motorcycle repair shops. Qualifications are not always necessary to obtain motorcycle mechanic jobs; the candidate must instead demonstrate knowledge of motorcycle repairs. Other ways to get into the field may include working as a small engine repairman or car mechanic, or simply working on one's own motorcycle to learn the repair techniques.

Motorcycle mechanic jobs may be available at motorcycle rental companies as well. Once a motorcycle has been used by a customer or several customers, that bike may need a tune-up or minor to moderate repairs. It is likely that the mechanic will work on wide variety of motorcycles, as well as off-road vehicles such as quads or dirt bikes. Job responsibilities will vary from company to company, but basic repair skills will be necessary.

Working for a motorcycle manufacturer is also a possibility for a motorcycle mechanic. The mechanic may be responsible for assembling motorcycles from the ground up; this may mean simple assembly of parts, or it may mean building a custom motorcycle and manufacturing the parts from scratch. The mechanic may also work on the finished product to ensure the engine works properly and all the other components are assembled correctly and ready for use by a potential customer. Such a position will require problem solving skills and an in-depth knowledge of the inner workings of the motorcycle.


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