What Are the Different Methods of Collecting Semen?

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Some different methods of collecting semen are electroejaculation, digital manipulation, and artificial vaginas (AV). Electroejaculation is the anal insertion of a probe that encourages a male to ejaculate and is commonly used on endangered animals and paralyzed men. Digital manipulation refers to applying pressure and massage to an animal’s genitals, though this is only safely performed on domesticated animals. AVs are lubed rubber tubes used to collect semen from sheep, horses, and rabbits. The best method of collecting semen depends on the animal or person and his health.

Electroejaculation is a method of collecting semen by stimulating nerves near the prostate using electric currents. The muscles contract and the mammal eventually ejaculates into a container, usually while sedated. This method is used on large and dangerous animals like bulls, animals that must be bred but cannot due to illness or injury, and humans. When used on animals, it is usually because the animal is too dangerous to approach when attempting to breed, the animal cannot breed due to illness or injury, or the animal is endangered with no compatible mate nearby. Electroejaculation is used on male humans who have suffered a spinal injury or cannot ejaculate without assistance for other reasons.

Digital manipulation involves massaging an animal’s genitals until it ejaculates into a vial. This method of collecting semen is most commonly used on domestic animals, like stud dogs and cats. It is usually helpful to have a female dog or cat nearby to encourage the male animal. Digital manipulation is essentially a form of masturbation, which is also a way of collecting semen in humans. In this case, the male usually masturbates until ejaculation into a vial in privacy.

AVs are rubber tubes, which are lubricated before use, with a collection vial attached to the end. They are a way of collecting semen from animals like horses and sheep, but can be dangerous if the animal is at all likely to attack humans. Sometimes a teaser female is used, but this can accidentally end in the female being bred or the disease spread. The animal is often trained to mount a dummy instead of a real animal by associating pleasure with the sight of the dummy. Dummy mounts have their own problems, however; for example, the animal might not stay mounted long enough to ejaculate, which usually does not happen with a teaser female.

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We're having issues with fertility and my husband had to give a sperm sample for analysis. He had performance anxiety at the doctor's office, so we used a semen collection kit. It's a special type of condom that's used during intercourse to collect sperm. Also, the quality of the sperm is said to be better this way than the sperm collected after masturbation. So the semen was collected at home and we just drove it to the lab.

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@SarahGen-- Don't they have electroejaculation probes for goats? If a buck is dangerous, and it sounds like those bucks were, a teaser female shouldn't be used. That's not fair for the does. Didn't you know that your bucks are like that? Or did the bucks belong to someone else?

I have sheep and I wouldn't let my girls go through that.

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We have goats on our farm and we had a semen collection for some of the bucks last week. We used a few does as teasers to get the collection.

I had never done a semen collection before and I was quite shocked with the whole process. I had some friends with experience come and help, but it was more difficult than I expected. We got the collections from most of the bucks, but the does were kind of beat up by the end of it. The bucks were jumping on them and sometimes kicking them. I don't think I want to do this ever again, at least not this way. I think a dummy mount will be much better.

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