What Are the Different Methods for Tracking Human Motion?

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The method for tracking human motion is done by using devices that allow for the tracking of various motions like standing, sitting, walking, running and even facial expressions. Most of these devices start with, or at least incorporate, some type of camera. The reasons for tracking human motion are varied and include areas like entertainment, medical purposes, scientific purposes and military purposes.

A video camera can be used for tracking human motions. This particular method for tracking human motion is the one that is utilized the most. It is widely used in the movie-making industry to record and analyze different categories of human motions. Other than the usual recording of activities, motion capture technology is used to capture human motions on computers with the aim of translating these motions to animated or simulated characters.

In most 3D and 2D movies, or even some more basic types of animation that involve the use of flexible mediums like clay sculptures, human motion analysis plays an important role. Human motions are first captured on video, and the movements of the human characters are duplicated in the animated versions, frame by frame. This gives the creators of animated movies a realistic model on which to base their films, leading to more life-like and believable animation sequences.


Tracking of human motions is used in the production of video games as well. The same methods used in the creation of animated 3D movies are also employed in the creation of realistic computer-generated images. Human models perform a whole range of motions, which are translated to the characters in the video games. Markers may be placed on the faces of people with the intention of capturing their facial motions. This type of method for tracking human motion may also be employed in the making of animated movies or computer games.

In medicine, the tracking of human motion is utilized as part of the technology for helping in the rehabilitation of certain categories of patients. For example, in the area of physical rehabilitation and sports medicine, tracking of human motions allows for better treatment and rehabilitation of those who have been injured. If a basketball player injures himself while playing, the progress of his treatment can be measured by tracking his motions with special equipment meant for such a purpose. The player may perform a range of motions that are recorded and analyzed on computers to determine the measure of progress based on factors like flexibility, dexterity, speed, gait and other measures of human motions.


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