What are the Different Meter Reader Jobs?

Tess C. Taylor

There are several different types of meter reader jobs available for individuals who enjoy working outside and remaining active all day on the job. Meter reader jobs can be found at many utility companies, public services and community works organizations. Meter readers are required to drive or walk safely to meter locations, accurately read various types of meters, report irregularities and issue written reports or tickets to consumers.

Residential electric meter.
Residential electric meter.

Electric meter readers work for the utility electric company. Electric meter reader jobs include driving a company vehicle to consumer and commercial sites and locate the meters which register the amount of electric use in a certain time period. Once the meter is located, the electric meter reader carefully reads the numeric data provided on the meter, records the data, and then returns to the utility office where this information is recorded for electric billing purposes. Oftentimes, the electric meter reader will also report service issues or replace faulty equipment.

Meter maids check parking meters.
Meter maids check parking meters.

Gas meter readers work for the gas company in the community. The job of the gas meter reader is to travel to commercial or residential locations, locate the onsite gas meter, and then record the amount of usage as indicated on the meter. The gas meter reader is also responsible for reporting any irregularities, damage or service problems to the gas utility company so that it can be quickly corrected. Gas meter readers also shut off or restore service as needed.

Water meter readers work for the water utility or public works of the community. Water meter reader jobs entail traveling to sites where water meters are present, generally along residential streets or along commercial parkways. The meter reader then removes the covering to the meter; take a measurement of the water levels to determine water use, then reports this back to the water company for processing. The water meter reader will also report any water problems, leakages or misuse to the water company as well as shut off or restore water service.

The street meter reader is trained to monitor traffic parking meters in cities where paid parking is required. The meter reader walks in a designated area of the city to check meters to make sure money is being inserted to pay for parking for a certain period of time by drivers. When a meter time has expired, the parking meter reader issues a written citation or ticket and places this on the offending vehicle. Parking meter reader jobs require a great deal of physical stamina and interpersonal skills.

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