What are the Different Medical Scientist Jobs?

Patti Kate

Some of the different medical scientist jobs include a medical research scientist or senior medical research scientist. Other types of medical scientist jobs involve clinical laboratory work. Infection control coordinator and physical technician are other careers in the medical scientist field. A city research scientist typically works for the public health department of a city. He may specialize in infectious diseases.

Medical imaging scientists may assist with reading and interpreting scan results.
Medical imaging scientists may assist with reading and interpreting scan results.

Medical scientist duties may vary according to the position the individual holds. Evaluating drugs may be one responsibility of a formulation scientist. The formulation medical scientist will typically hold a degree in chemical engineering. This scientist will generally conduct clinical studies of products, including chemicals.

A medical scientist may work in a lab as a medical researcher.
A medical scientist may work in a lab as a medical researcher.

A senior staff scientist in the medical field is another job that may involve biopharmaceutical products. The senior staff medical scientist is also generally responsible for training and supervising newly hired staff. He typically works side by side with other scientists and may conduct various types of studies. He may also work closely with medical scientist directors.

Another of the medical scientist jobs is an entry-level staff scientist. This type of job may involve research, as well as completing on-the-job training. Many individuals who pursue this type of work typically hold a degree in biology or environmental science.

Many medical scientist jobs involve work as a specialized technician. A transplantation technologist is someone who has completed medical scientist training in organ transplant technology. He generally works in a laboratory setting.

Medical scientist jobs in toxicology are other careers in this field. Many toxicologists work with a medical examiner. The toxicologist's findings may help a medical examiner determine the cause of a person's death. Toxicology reports and findings are based on tests involving chemical substances found in the blood of a deceased individual.

A medical imaging scientist's expertise generally lies in radiology. This scientist may also do data processing as well as developing and analyzing software and equipment. A systems engineer also can have a career in medical science.

Various other jobs in medical science include cancer research development and visiting scientist. A cancer research scientist's work may involve studying many facets of this disease. A visiting scientist may travel to various locations throughout the world for research purposes or volunteer work. Product development team leaders are also often trained medical scientists.

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