What Are the Different Marijuana Withdrawal Symptoms?

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People who use marijuana, particularly if they have used it frequently for a long period of time, may notice a number of withdrawal symptoms when they quit, or even if they just do not use it for a few days. One of the most common marijuana withdrawal symptoms is insomnia, often accompanied by vivid dreams when sleep does occur. Some people experience flu-like symptoms, especially alternating feelings of hot and cold as one would have with a fever. Feelings of anxiety are also common, as is a loss of appetite that often results in weight loss. Symptoms are typically most common in the first week after use stops, though they can continue for up to a month.

Insomnia is one of the marijuana withdrawal symptoms that people trying to quit report frequently. They often find it difficult to get to sleep, and in extreme cases may only sleep a few hours over several days. For those who do manage to fall asleep, they often report having extremely vivid dreams, particularly nightmares.

Another of the common marijuana withdrawal symptoms is a general feeling of malaise, similar to having the flu. People who have quit using marijuana often complain of head and body aches, nausea, and a lack of energy. Many also complain of feeling extreme changes in body temperature similar to having a fever, where they are extremely hot one minute and freezing cold the next, which leads to shaking and sweating.


Anxiety is another of the frequently reported marijuana withdrawal symptoms. Feelings can range from an ongoing, low-grade sense of uneasiness to extreme worry or fear. Often these types of feelings are related to the idea of not using marijuana again, as well as the overall unpleasantness of the situation of going through withdrawal. For many, this type of anxiety in combination with feeling physically ill are overwhelming, and can lead them to start using marijuana again.

Many people trying to quit say that a lack of appetite is one of their marijuana withdrawal symptoms. This effect seems to be the direct opposite of the food cravings that often accompany marijuana use. Those trying to quit often simply lose interest in food and do not experience feelings of hunger, and may not regain their appetite until the drug is out of their systems. This in turn can often lead to a fairly significant amount of weight loss.


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Post 5

Oh, no. You can't sleep and you lose your appetite for a week. I'm fine with the article, the two responses, not so much.

Enlighten your mind a little and look for the withdrawal symptoms for things like alcohol, caffeine, nicotine. Then tell me how some poor little thing almost died from being irritable getting off the demon weed.

Post 4

What a bunch of B.S. It has been scientifically proven cannabis has no side effects.

Post 3

I read this article with all the symptoms of withdrawal, and I wonder how anyone could say pot is harmless. Like Pippinwhite, I've known people who were much easier to deal with once they stopped toking it up. But they were awful while they were coming off the stuff. It was not pleasant to watch.

Having said that, I also knew people who were better tempered when they were smoking pot, because they were naturally anxious, keyed-up people, and the pot seemed to mellow them out a little. But everything is a trade-off, I guess. You want artificial mellow, you have to deal with the consequences. That's life.

Post 2

A girl I knew in college was a heavy pot user and decided to come off it. She had every symptom in this article, plus extreme irritability. She said she figured pot must be harmful if it caused such extreme withdrawal symptoms. Her words.

When she finally had it all out of her system, her personality changed completely. She was focused, her grades improved, and she was much more caring and kind than she had been. She was never a bad person or anything, but once she got off pot, she started doing things for other people, and really got it together. I was very happy for her.

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