What Are the Different Male Candida Treatments?

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Male candida, also known as a yeast infection in males, is caused by a fungus called Candida albicans. This fungus occurs naturally in the body in normal levels that do not cause problems but can increase in numbers in a process called candidiasis. Symptoms include itching, irritation, and a burning sensation in the skin of moist areas, such as the groin. Male candida treatments include anti-fungal medications that treat fungal infections and preventative measures such as dietary changes and limiting moisture to prevent out-of-control growth.

Anti-fungal topical medications are available both over the counter and by prescription and can be used to kill the fungal infection. These male candida treatments come in medicated powder, spray, and cream forms and are applied to the affected area. Many topical treatments for candida work to reduce symptoms while also killing the fungus. The topical treatments should be applied following the instructions on the label or following a doctor’s instructions.

Prescription oral anti-fungal male candida treatments are often given for use in conjunction with topical treatments. Although topical treatments kill fungus infections that affect the skin, the oral forms help reduce the growth of the fungus internally. This added treatment helps ensure that the infection does not immediately return or worsen. Oral treatments may also be used alone, particularly when the infection does not respond to topical treatments.


Male candida treatments include efforts to prevent the rapid growth of the fungus and reduce the chances of developing a fungal infection. Limiting moisture is one preventative measure. The candida fungus thrives in a warm and moist environment, such as the groin area. Drying thoroughly after excessive sweating or showering can reduce moisture levels. Loose-fitting undergarments can help promote air circulation and prevent excessive moisture as well.

Dietary changes are often recommended as a form of treatment for male candida. Changing the diet can also be a preventative measure. There are some types of foods that cannot only cause rapid growth of the fungus but also prevent treatments from killing the infection. Barley, wheat, and refined sugar can stimulate the overgrowth of the fungus. Foods with live cultures, such as yogurts, and vegetables without starch can increase the production of healthy bacteria that balance candida levels.

Although male candida treatments are available, the fungal infection can be spread by intercourse. Men commonly develop a candida fungal infection after having intercourse with someone who has a fungal infection at that time. Long-term antibiotic therapy can also be a cause. Antibiotics kill both healthy and harmful bacteria in the body. With low healthy bacteria numbers, the balance of bacteria and fungus is thrown off, allowing the fungus to take over.


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