What are the Different Maintenance Mechanic Jobs?

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Maintenance mechanic jobs vary by place of employment. In the industrial sector, maintenance mechanic jobs may include upkeep of machinery and heavy duty equipment, while private sector jobs can be as general as repairing apartments for a single company. Many maintenance mechanic jobs involve motor vehicle repair.

The typical job description for a maintenance mechanic might include carpentry skills, depending on the company hiring. Some types of maintenance positions, such as in various industrial plants, may require installation of equipment and machinery. Most maintenance mechanic positions require knowledge of basic machine repair. Depending on the industry, specialized knowledge about relevant industry specific materials is also needed.

Experience in the field of electricity is often a component of a maintenance mechanic job. Mechanics in this field may be required to handle potentially dangerous electrical equipment and should possess adequate safety knowledge on the subject. Plumbing knowledge may also be helpful or required.

In addition to working with a mechanic skill set, people in this career should be knowledgeable about some types of office work. This includes writing purchase orders, ordering correct machines and their parts, processing maintenance request forms, and other paperwork determined by individual fields. These skills are particularly necessary when assessing machines for maintenance and ordering new parts to fix outdated or broken pieces.


Knowledge of new technology may be required in a maintenance mechanic job. Many companies use advanced technological equipment that require mechanics with specialized training to keep them in working order. Other specialized skills, such as experience in welding or hydraulics, could also be required based on the company's needs. Many maintenance mechanics are also expected to be able to operate specialized vehicles, such as forklift trucks, and pass examinations to legally do so if and when required by law.

Though many companies prefer candidates for maintenance mechanic jobs to have some type of educational background, it is often not required. Experience in previous maintenance work, whether in a previous position or as an apprentice, is typically a requirement to work in this career. References are also typically needed for advanced maintenance mechanic jobs. A high school diploma or its equivalent, good communication skills, and the ability to work with deadlines are usually required as well. Small companies, churches, and other local businesses may forgo traditional requirements in favor of a skilled handyman they know and trust.

Many maintenance mechanic jobs call for a drug screening prior to employment. Some candidates are expected to have their own tools and truck if needed for the job. Overtime, evening, and weekend hours are common in this career.


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