What are the Different Kinds of Wheelchair Products?

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There are many wheelchair products available to customize chairs for users and make wheelchairs more comfortable to use. Wheelchair products include seat cushions, wheel attachments, custom wheels, and wheelchair batteries. People who use wheelchairs also often use wheelchair ramps and wheelchair lifts.

Wheelchair seat cushions provide support and comfort to wheelchair users who must sit for long periods of time. These cushions are generally made from a moldable foam interior surrounded by a waterproof covering. Cushions can be purchased from the wheelchair manufacturer or custom made by the orthopedic center where wheelchairs are modified to fit each individual.

People who use wheelchairs range in size, so wheelchair products can be used to customize the way each user fits into his chair. These attachments include seats, backs, handles, wheels, leg rests, and foot rests. Wheelchair attachments also allow an expensive wheelchair to be adapted for a user during changes in growth, body weight, and height, which is particularly important for children who use wheelchairs.


There are also many types of electric-powered wheelchairs that users control with hand controls. The wheelchair products usually most desired by electric wheelchair users are wheelchair batteries, control adapters, and motor parts that work together to allow mobility. Electric wheelchairs are also sometimes fitted with special seats, foot rests, head rests, and wheels for comfortable use. Mechanical wheelchair lifts allow people to get into vehicles and up stairs with ease. Some wheelchair lifts put wheelchair users into upright positions for a variety of purposes.

Sometimes, wheelchair users want extra mobility for outdoor activities, playing sports, or just having better traction. Custom wheelchair wheels make this possible. Wheels come in standard sizes, sports sizes, and extra large sizes. These wheels attach to the wheel base easily with just a few adjustments.

In addition to parts that fit onto wheelchairs, there are wheelchair products used in tandem with wheelchairs to make daily life easier. Wheelchair ramps allow users to get in and out of homes and buildings. Ramps are also used to get wheelchairs into large vehicles like vans and buses. Wheelchairs can be fitted with cup holders, clips, trays, and shelves to make living and working easier.


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