What are the Different Kinds of Power Wheelchair Accessories?

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Power wheelchair accessories are products designed for use with a motorized wheelchair, and may include a wheelchair bag, electric wheelchair batteries, or wheelchair cushions. Cup holders are popular accessories as well. Removable, washable armrest covers are another type of power wheelchair accessories. Replaceable padded armrests typically made from foam are used for many types of wheelchairs. Battery packs and chargers are essential power wheelchair accessories.

Many individuals like to cover their wheelchairs to protect against dirt and dust. For this reason, another type of accessory is a wheelchair cover. Some covers are designed to slip over the joystick to protect against external damage. Other types of wheelchair covers are made to cover the entire chair. These covers are also made for inclement weather and to protect against water damage.

Various types of bags that come in varying sizes are power wheelchair accessories created for versatility and convenience. Many of these wheelchair bags feature straps that attach to the back of the wheelchair. Some are totebags, while others have more of a backpack design. Many have pockets for storage. These bags are typically made from nylon and may be weather resistant.

Besides cup holders, there are versatile holders made to secure items such as mobile phones. These power wheelchair accessories are sometimes known as universal wheelchair holders. The mounting hardware of these holders can be attached to the armrest of the power chair.


A wheelchair lift designed for transportation is another type of accessory for the electric wheelchair. This makes it easy to lift the wheelchair onto a van or truck. Many of these operate with a remote control. They are typically wired to a vehicle or may employ the use of a battery pack. Wheelchair ramps are used for easy accessibility into public buildings or homes.

Comfortable seating cushions are power wheelchair accessories that are designed to be used by individuals who use their power chairs for long periods at a time. Some of them feature waterproof designs. These may be constructed of a gel-like substance. Cushions are also designed to alleviate pressure.

Memory foam is another type of material used for some of the wheelchair accessory cushions. This greatly reduces the incidence of sores from excess pressure. TempurĀ® Visco elastic memory foam is a material that is widely used for cushioning. Latex-free padding is an alternative used for individuals who are allergic to latex. In addition to foam cushions, some chair cushions are made from natural or synthetic sheepskin.

Tire and wheel accessories are made to replace worn out or damaged parts. Replacement tires are another type of accessory for electric wheelchairs. These are generally available to fit standard-size wheelchairs.

Batteries and chargers are necessary accessories for a motorized wheelchair. Gel batteries are a popular type used for electric wheelchairs. Most are sealed to prevent leakage. Some chargers are designed to be used as a portable device and may recharge a wheelchair battery utilizing a vehicle's cigarette lighter.


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