What are the Different Kinds of Oven Accessories?

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There are many different kinds of oven accessories. Some accessories that can make an oven look decorative are oven knobs, range covers, and oven mitts. Other accessories can be for safety, such as child-proof knob covers and an oven front lock. Practical items such as baking accessories and oven cleaner are important to have to get the most use out of an oven. Oven accessories can be purchased at most retail stores that sell an assortment of kitchen appliances.

Ovens typically come complete with knobs to adjust the temperature and use the range. The knobs are often made of plastic but can be replaced with more decorative knobs. Many people replace plastic knobs with stainless steel or chrome ones. They can also be replaced if an oven knob is missing or broken.

Oven mitts and range covers are oven accessories that can add a bit of the homeowner's style to the kitchen. Both of these accessories can be purchased in many different colors or patterns. They are also useful, as the covers will keep dust off of the range, and the mitts are used for protection from hot cookware.


Most adults know to be careful around a hot oven, but it is important to have safety oven accessories in a home with children. Knob covers are clear, plastic protectors that lock over top of the oven knobs. An adult can still turn the knobs, but a child will have difficulty, as the knobs have to be squeezed tightly and then turned to work.

An oven front lock can keep a child from being able to open the front oven door. It is usually attached to the oven with a special type of adhesive. The adhesive is able to withstand extremely high temperatures and still keep the lock in place.

Baking dishes are oven accessories that everyone should have to cook with an oven. There are many kinds of dishes that are safe for the oven. They can be made out of metal, ceramic, or glass. Any of these materials work well under the oven's high temperatures. Many people have an assortment of different kinds of bake ware.

Many ovens are self-cleaning, but even these oven have leftover food that can make an oven dirty. Oven cleaner can typically be found among all the oven accessories and usually comes in a liquid form and can be sprayed directly in the oven. The oven can then be wiped down with a soft cloth or sponge when it is not in use.


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