What are the Different Kinds of Orthopedic Surgical Equipment?

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Orthopedic surgical equipment may include plastic shears and surgical chisels. A bone clamp and an orthopedic rasp are two other pieces of equipment used in orthopedic surgery. Other types of orthopedic surgical equipment are bone files and gauges. Pin implants are used for holding segments of bone in place.

In orthopedic medicine, many procedures require surgery to realign bones that may otherwise cause impairment of the musculoskeletal system. Orthopedic surgeons use a wide array of precision instruments to perform delicate procedures on their patients. Orthopedic surgical equipment typically will be constructed of heavy grade metal or steel.

With surgery involving bone or bone grafting procedures, a surgeon may use a bone awl. These instruments prod bone fragments in assessing the patient's condition, and also to align the bone. This piece of orthopedic surgical equipment is blunt, rather than pointed, although it is often used for drilling the first opening during surgery.

A special type of orthopedic surgical equipment is required for operating on the nasal cavity. Nasal forceps are used for bone cutting. These stainless steel forceps have two precision cutting pincers that also grip. They are generally used for removing thick and hardened nasal polyps or growths. Precision and care must be used with this equipment to avoid excessive bleeding from fibrous tissue.


During orthopedic surgery, many procedures will call for the implantation of metal rods and pins. In such a procedure, a surgeon will need to measure the precise length of a pin, screw, or rod to be implanted into the bone. A type of orthopedic surgical equipment used for cutting the wire of these metal pins is a surgical pin cutter. These cutters are constructed of stainless steel, with very powerful jaws.

Surgical pliers are used in orthopedic surgery to tighten screws that fasten the rods and pins to the bone. These may also be used to remove screws during procedures. The hand grip of these surgical pliers are made to be slip resistant and comfortable in the surgeon's hand.

Another essential type of surgical equipment used in orthopedics is something called a surgical mallet. The interior of this surgical mallet is typically made of brass. Some of these instruments may also be constructed lead or solid steel. Resembling a hammer, the surgical mallet is used during various orthopedic operations.

A surgical curette is orb shaped, with an elongated handle. This instrument is often used for removing fibrous tissue growth or bone tumors. Bone grafting procedures often require the use of this piece of orthopedic surgical equipment.


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