What are the Different Kinds of Mobile Home Designs?

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Mobile home designs can be broken down into four main types. Singlewide models are the least expensive, followed by doublewides. Doublewide mobile homes are just what the name implies; they are typically twice as wide as singlewide models. For a larger and typically more luxurious home, consumers can choose triplewide homes or even two-story models. Mobile homes that include a second story are not as common to the market, but they seem to be gaining in popularity.

Singlewide mobile home designs are popular with young families or couples who may not have enough ready cash to afford a down payment on a house. They are smaller, and may not offer as many features as other designs. Many people opt to rent their lots rather than purchase their own land because these homes are often considered temporary. In addition, finding land on which to set up a singlewide can be problematic, as many areas have restrictions regarding this type of mobile home.


Doublewide mobile homes are typically the most popular, and are often referred to as manufactured homes. They are twice the size of most singlewides and usually offer many more features. In many cases, they can be self-designed; in other words, the manufacturers will allow buyers to pick out their own wallpaper, floor coverings, and kitchen design. Doublewide mobile homes often come with added features such as fireplaces, central heat and air, dishwashers, and microwaves. Central stereo and intercom systems are also sometimes available with these homes.

Triplewide mobile home designs often exceed 2,000 square feet (185 square m) and, like doublewides, can typically be customized. Triplewide mobile homes are delivered and set up in three or more pieces, and usually require the same type of foundations as regular houses. They often offer various types of floor plans, and often include a living room, family room, and formal dining room. From their exteriors, they are often very hard to distinguish from a site-built home. Exterior finishes are usually wood or vinyl siding, but some manufacturers offer log or stone.

Mobile home designs that offer two separate stories are typically the most expensive type of manufactured home. They come in various sizes and widths and, like triplewides, they are typically indistinguishable from a site-built house. Most housing administrations have very strict guidelines and building codes that apply to two-story mobile homes because of possible structural problems. They are usually offered for sale as a special purchase, as most manufacturers do not keep them on site.


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