What are the Different Kinds of Cross Stitch Accessories?

Tara Barnett

In addition to the basic tools required for cross stitch, including needles, fabric, and thread, there are a number of cross stitch accessories that can make a cross stitch project easier or more interesting. Some cross stitch accessories are basic, and may include frames, scissors, and places to keep thread or needles. Truly advanced cross stitch enthusiasts may invest in more complex cross stitch accessories, such as computerized design programs or specialized gloves. Additionally, there are purely decorative cross stitch accessories, such as slogan bags and posters.

Cross stitch accessories can include pattern software, different sized hoops, and scissors.
Cross stitch accessories can include pattern software, different sized hoops, and scissors.

Most people encounter a need for certain basic cross stitch accessories even when working on simple projects. Scissors to cut the embroidery thread, for instance, are essential. A beginner might use ordinary craft or kitchen scissors, but there are also special scissors for cutting these small threads. Decorative or antique scissors are often popular with cross stitch enthusiasts.

Special cases for cross stitch supplies help keep items organized.
Special cases for cross stitch supplies help keep items organized.

Frame accessories can be used to hold embroidery taut while working on cross stitch or embroidery projects. Embroidery hoops and other frame designs may be used, and it can be helpful to have a variety of frames available. Some people also choose to display finished pieces in embroidery hoops hanging on walls, while others use the hoop for a number of different projects and finish the work in other ways.

When sufficient cross stitch supplies are acquired, specialized storage for those supplies may be handy. Cross stitch needle cases, special boxes for embroidery thread, and portable storage designed specifically for cross stitch can be valuable cross stitch accessories. Travel storage in particular can be useful when trying to keep supplies compact without getting items tangled up or destroyed.

Some people find that specialized design programs can help create masterful cross stitch creations as well. There are a number of free computerized design programs for cross stitch online, or designs can be completed on graph paper. For the true cross stitch enthusiast, a computerized design program can make complex designs a reality.

Safety when doing cross stitch can become an issue if the hobby is intense. Special supportive gloves can be worn to minimize damage to the wrists. Certain stands and frames can be used to position the project at a comfortable level as well. One might even consider a comfortable chair designed for crafting an important cross stitch accessory. When selecting cross stitch accessories for comfort or safety, it is important to make sure the accessory fits the person it is intended for appropriately or that it is adjustable.

Purely decorative cross stitch accessories can be used for the enjoyment of the crafter as well. A cross stitch bag, for example, might be decorated with a crafting slogan, or a poster on a wall might bear a unique cross stitch print. These items are primarily for brightening up a crafting space and can make cross stitch much more relaxing and enjoyable for a crafter.

Embroidery hoops come in various sizes.
Embroidery hoops come in various sizes.

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