What are the Different Jobs in the Venture Capital Industry?

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The venture capital industry has many different jobs. The industry is closely related to the banking and finance industry and nearly identical in employment opportunities. Anyone who contributes money investing in new businesses or technologies is considered a venture capitalist. Jobs in the industry range from personal assistants to corporate executives.

Venture capitalists generally invest in specific industries such as biotechnology and information technology (IT). The most common job title, therefore, belongs to consultants. Consultants are hired to provide anything from technical knowledge to industry connections. College graduates with degrees in finance or business administration often work as consultants in the venture capital industry. Corporate executives who start over as entrepreneurs also find consultant jobs with venture capitalist firms.

Scientists and researchers also find jobs in the venture capital industry, frequently straight out of college. Venture capitalist firms interested in investing in a start-up nutritional supplement company, for example, would employ biologists and pharmacists. The scientists provide in-house research about products to ensure the firm invests its money wisely. Business analysts and financial analysts can also fall into the researcher category. Analysts provide financial projections and potential profit forecasts to help the firm make good investment decisions.


Certified public accountants are employed by venture capitalist firms to handle the taxes and financial obligations of the venture capital fund. Lawyers are employed for legal counsel and drafting of important company documents. Lawyers also help the firm comply with any legal restrictions and statutes by which they are required to abide. Jobs in the venture capitalist industry also include copywriters who prepare company newsletters, press releases and marketing materials.

One of the best ways to find venture capital careers is to find a firm and apply for an internship. Interns are often hired by firms to help with administrative day-to-day tasks and are able to observe the daily work environment and processes. From there, they can work their way up, or they can use the experience gained to get a job with another firm.

Whether you are a recent college graduate or an experienced professional, chances are you can find a role to play in the venture capital industry. Interning is the best way to find out what different jobs and roles are available and which ones you would be interested in having. Experienced professionals often succeed in finding work in the industry as a result of connections made during the course of their careers. Having a degree in finance, economics or business administration should prepare most people for careers in the venture capital industry.


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