What are the Different Insurance Adjuster Jobs?

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There are many different insurance adjuster jobs available today. The insurance adjuster jobs entail evaluating insurance liability or damage claims and then making an adjusted settlement with consumers following a catastrophic event, such as an accident, injury or natural disaster. Insurance adjusters most often work in the field, inspecting damage claims in person to get a realistic determination of actual damage itself in order to make a fair monetary offer to victims to repair or replace damaged property.

Insurance adjuster jobs exist within all insurance companies that provide financial protection for consumers of property or vehicles. In addition to different types of insurance plans that protect consumers, there are different levels of insurance policies for homes, commercial buildings and other forms of transportation that insurance adjusters can manage and become familiar with in order to process insurance claims accurately. Therefore insurance adjusters are generally chosen for having backgrounds in property, casualty or transportation insurance claim or customer management.


The most plentiful insurance adjuster jobs are within the vehicle or automobile insurance industry. These types of insurance adjuster jobs include working directly with drivers and other parties who have been involved in vehicle accidents or have experienced damage to vehicles. The insurance adjuster gathers information from all parties including the drivers and then acts as the insurance claims representative by basing the financial claim on actual findings and the insurance policy guidelines to settle for an amount equal to or less than the value of the insurance policy.

Other insurance adjuster jobs are within the home and commercial property insurance industry. The job involves physically visiting and inspecting property that can be insured based on specific conditions that the property owner must meet in order to be financially covered in the case of damage from natural or man-made causes. The adjuster will negotiate with the consumer and make adjustments to the amount of the cash settlement with the insured should an event occur that prompts an insurance claim.

Insurance adjusters in most regions must obtain an insurance adjuster license prior to actively working in claims. Many insurance adjusters come from internal customer service roles and later obtain a license to work as a field insurance adjuster. There is a great deal of opportunity for insurance claims representatives to obtain experience on the job as well as go on to become licensed or a lead insurance adjuster within many of the major insurance companies.


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