What are the Different HR Recruitment Jobs?

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Many organizations that attempt to hire and retain qualified staff without the assistance of a human resources (HR) professional soon realize that HR training and expertise are essential to successful recruitment. Hiring, and just as importantly, retaining the right person for the job saves an organization critical amounts of time and money in the long run. Because competent HR is so integral to an organization’s success, there are several different types of HR recruitment jobs available within recruitment firms that are outsourced by organizations, as well as HR divisions or departments within organizations.

Also known as “head hunters” or employment agencies, recruitment firms such as Adecco and Manpower have a number of HR recruitment jobs that need to be filled within their own firms so that they may then fill staffing orders for their clients. At the entry level, recruitment firms often hire HR assistants that are responsible for greeting and evaluating incoming individuals looking for employment, whether on a temporary or full-time basis. These entry level HR recruitment jobs usually entail setting up job seekers with computer testing and other assessments, explaining the agency’s hiring process to them, and inputting the job seeker’s resume data and assessment results to the firm’s database.


Recruitment firms also have HR recruitment jobs for high level personnel who oversee client orders and liaise with the client to define what they are looking for in an employee. As well, there are HR recruitment jobs for salespeople who actively seek out new clients and offer to handle their staffing needs. In addition to managers and assistants that deal directly with clients and job seekers, there are also HR recruitment jobs available for accountants and receptionists at recruitment firms.

Organizations that do not outsource their HR needs typically have an HR department within their organization which requires a number of HR recruitment jobs. At the entry level in HR departments, there are HR assistants whose responsibilities include receiving and organizing resumes, setting up appointments for interviews, evaluations, and other meetings; and ensuring new personnel have received and submitted a checklist of new hire items. At the higher level in HR departments, there are HR recruitment jobs for managers who make final hiring, layoff and termination decisions; oversee promotions and raises, and mediate inter-personnel legal disputes.


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