What are the Different Homeopathic Fibromyalgia Treatments?

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Fibromyalgia is a type of chronic illness that often causes widespread pain and fatigue. Homeopathic fibromyalgia remedies can often help to provide relief for the patient without introducing potentially harmful chemicals into the body. Dietary modifications, gentle exercise, and the use of herbal supplements are popular homeopathic fibromyalgia treatment methods.

Dietary changes may prove to be helpful homeopathic fibromyalgia treatments in some people with this condition. Each person responds differently, so results may vary. Avoiding foods such as aspartame, sugar, and MSG may help the person with fibromyalgia to have more energy and less pain. Other foods to avoid may include caffeine, dairy, and yeast. It is not necessary to eliminate all of these foods at once, but experimenting with the elimination of some of these foods may provide relief for some people.

Mild physical exercise can often be a useful homeopathic fibromyalgia treatment method. Gentle stretching exercises can help to keep the muscles strong and functioning properly without adding additional pain issues. Walking, biking, and water aerobics are also gentle on the body. If pain levels increase during or shortly after exercise, the exercise regimen may need to be modified. In many cases, a physical therapist can help to design an appropriate exercise routine for the fibromyalgia patient.


Herbal supplements are commonly used as homeopathic fibromyalgia remedies. While most of these herbal remedies are completely safe, a doctor should always be consulted before taking any new medications, including herbal supplements. Some of these remedies may interfere with other medications that are being taken or may not be safe for those with specific medical conditions. Herbal remedies are often combined with other homeopathic fibromyalgia treatment methods, such as diet, exercise, and adequate amounts of rest.

Arnica is a type of herbal remedy that is used when the muscles feel sore or bruised. Bryonia may be a useful homeopathic fibromyalgia remedy for those who suffer so much pain that merely getting out of bed becomes difficult. If the muscle soreness becomes worse in cold weather or if the pain increases even upon mild exertion, calcarea carbonica may be a good supplement choice. Sharp, shooting pains that tend to come on suddenly and worsen at night or with movement may be relieved by the use of a supplement known as kalmia latifolia. Ruta graveolens may be the homeopathic fibromyalgia treatment method of preference for those who suffer from extreme muscle stiffness, pain, and weakness.


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