What are the Different Homeopathic Allergy Remedies?

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While there are a number of prescription medications available for those suffering from allergies, individuals who are interested in homeopathic allergy remedies also have a number of options. One of the most effective ways to treat allergies homeopathically is through dietary changes, such as decreased consumption of white flour, and increased consumption of certain spices. Allergy sufferers may also want to consider the use of saline sprays. In some cases, acupuncture may also be an effective form of treatment. It may not be covered by insurance, however, eliminating it as an option for some individuals.

Those who are interested in homeopathic allergy remedies should start by considering changes to their diets. While individuals who have a wheat allergy can definitely achieve success by eliminating white flour, studies have suggested that those who experience a variety of allergies may also have beneficial results by reducing their intake of this product. This is due to the high amounts of mucus produced from the consumption of white flour. Adding certain foods to the diets of those affected with allergies has also been found to be beneficial. Diets rich in cayenne pepper, garlic, onions, and curry pepper appear to be most effective for those suffering from chronic allergies.


Using saline sprays also appears to be one of the best homeopathic allergy remedies. Saline sprays appear to be effective due to their ability to both thin the mucus found in nasal passages and rinse out irritants. While a variety of sprays can be used, those that are quite simple appear to be the most effective. Studies have found that spraying a simple mixture of water and salt into the nasal passages on a daily basis can greatly reduce allergy symptoms. A mixture containing five percent salt seems to be most effective.

Homeopathic allergy remedies also include acupuncture, which is a process by which certain body points are stimulated by needles that can bring about changes in the immune system. Some of these changes appear to be a decreased sensitivity to allergens, and thereby reduced allergy reaction. One study which evaluated the effectiveness of acupuncture found that of 26 individuals who underwent acupuncture in an attempt to reduce allergy symptoms, 24 achieved success, while none of the patients experienced significant side effects. It is important for individuals considering this form of treatment to remember that it often is not covered by insurance, however.


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