What Are the Different Home Remedies for Skin Whitening?

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One of the easiest home remedies for skin whitening is regular exfoliation. Depending on how sensitive the skin is, a person can exfoliate once or twice a week, or every other day. Daily exfoliation is not recommended, as the constant friction — especially on the elbows and knees — can instead darken the skin. The exfoliation process can start with a hot bath, followed by a baby or olive oil rub all over the body, and then a loofah scrub. This will gently, but effectively, remove the dead skin cells and moisturize the skin. After bathing and drying, whitening lotion can be applied, as the newly-surfaced layer of skin can quickly absorb the ingredients that can help lighten the skin.

Citrus fruits can also be used for skin whitening. Fruits such as lemons, limes, and oranges are rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, both of which help. The juices from the fruits can be squeezed out and rubbed all over the face and body after bathing. For those with sensitive skin, a diluted solution is best to prevent redness and irritation. Citrus fruits can also be combined with different ingredients, like tomato or honey, and can be used as facial masks to help lighten any dark scars and freckles.


One of the milder home remedies for skin whitening is milk. Cleopatra popularized it as a beauty product after historical accounts revealed that she bathed in the milk of asses. Fresh milk can be diluted in water and a small amount of salt added to further exfoliate and moisturize the skin while lightening it. Milk can be an expensive skin bleaching ingredient, so an option is to buy beauty products like soap and lotion that contain milk as the primary ingredient.

Common kitchen ingredients, like vinegar, can also be used for skin whitening. The acid in the vinegar helps inhibit the production of melanin, the pigment in the skin. Different kinds of vinegar, such as cane, coconut, and apple cider, can be used as a diluted solution for skin whitening. Vinegar also has antibacterial properties that can also help treat acne.

Many home remedies tend to be acidic, making the skin extra-sensitive to irritation and sun exposure. People can use sunscreen to keep the skin protected from the sun, as well as an umbrella and a hat while outdoors. A healthy diet will also help make the whitening process go faster. Individuals who use these methods should also drink lots of water to flush out the toxins and take vitamin C supplements to further reduce melanin production.


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Post 2

I exfoliate my skin on a regular basis. I like to use products that have exfoliating beads in them, along with some kind of sponge.

I have sensitive skin and have found that many of the sponges are much too coarse for my face. When my face ends up red and raw, I know that I have exfoliated too much.

There are many women interested in knowing how to get lighter skin. I have never tried anything like vinegar or lemon juice, but like some of the moisturizing creams that have skin whiteners in them.

When my skin is smooth and light, I feel like I look younger and that gives me more confidence.

Post 1

I find it interesting that many people go to the expense of whitening their skin, when I grew up wanted to be as brown as I could. I have seen skin whitening products in the store, but have never been interested in trying them.

I have tried using lemon juice hoping it would fade some of my freckles. The more I am out in the sun, the more freckles I get, and I am always looking for a way to minimize these.

If I use the lemon juice consistently, it will lighten them, but it doesn't get rid of them. As soon as I go out in the sun again, I get new ones.

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