What Are the Different Home Remedies for Hirsutism?

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Hirsutism is a symptom of a number of medical conditions that is characterized by the inappropriate growth of excessive amounts of hair. Hair growth occurs in areas where it would not normally grow. For women, this can include the face and is often an embarrassing social problem. Hair growth can be mild to severe, and extensive cases tend to be treated with medications. There are, however, different home remedies for hirsutism, including herbal treatments to reduce the appearance of the hair and common methods of hair removal.

Herbal remedies for hirsutism are used by women and men to reduce both the appearance and presence of excess hair. Lemon juice combined with sugar or honey and applied to the area a couple of times a week can help. The lemon juice and the honey both act as bleaching agents and will lighten the color of the hair. Turmeric combined with gram flour and yogurt produces a paste that is rubbed off by the man or woman when dry. This method works by pulling out the hair, which subsequently becomes lighter and softer over time.

Herbal supplements can also be used as remedies for hirsutism. Different extracts work by slowing the growth of the hair, and some people find that they even stop hair from growing over time. Common supplements to slow hair growth include black cohosh, saw palmetto, and fenugreek. These tablets can be purchased from health food and drug stores.


Other methods that can be used at home for remedies for hirsutism include plucking, waxing, and shaving. Plucking is a common choice for women or men who only need to remove a small area of hair. Waxing is also popular and can be used for larger areas. The results from using these methods generally last from one to three weeks. Shaving is also an option; however, hair tends to grow back very quickly, and it is difficult to achieve a smooth result.

Other home remedies for hirsutism include bleaching creams, depilatory creams, and epilation. Bleaching creams can be purchased in kits and are used to reduce the color of the unwanted growth. Depilatory creams are applied to the target areas and work by painlessly dissolving the hair. Epilation tools act as multiple tweezers and, although painful, can be used to remove larger amounts of hair and reduce growth over time. These home remedies for hirsutism are all temporary but do not have the side effects or expense that a patient may encounter with prescription medications.


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