What are the Different Hepatitis a Vaccine Side Effects?

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There are many hepatitis A vaccine side effects. Most people getting this shot will encounter few, if any of these. Nevertheless, it's always important to have a sense of what might occur when getting a vaccine, so people can get medical help if they develop a rare complicated reaction to it.

As stated, it’s highly unlikely most people will suffer many of the hepatitis A vaccine side effects. There are a few side effects that are considered common. Most people may note the vaccine is painful when injected, and the site where the shot was given can remain sore for a couple of days. Sometimes other parts of the arm are sore too, or people can feel achy all over as a result of getting the shot.

Additional non-concerning hepatitis A vaccine side effects include a slight fever, and some people may feel as though they’ve developed a cold or allergies. Occasionally, a cough occurs or the throat might feel dry and sore or be hoarse. Some people could even notice that one or more glands in the throat are swollen, or the voice may sound congested when people speak. At other times, what people notice most are hepatitis A vaccine side effects that affect the stomach, and they might have a reduction in appetite, feel mildly nauseous, or have stomachache and diarrhea. A few people also develop itchy skin.


The hepatitis A vaccine side effects listed above are considered mild and usually don’t require medical attention. There are more serious effects that may arise and do require medical attention right away. The first of these is allergic reaction to the vaccination. If people develop hives, wheezing, difficulty breathing, or pronounced swelling of the tongue, lips, mouth, face, or throat, they need immediate medical attention.

In other instances, hepatitis A vaccine side effects that are serious don’t develop immediately but might occur within a day or two of getting the shot. Any severe weakness of the limbs needs medical attention. As does any vomiting of a severe nature, black stools that indicate intestinal bleeding, strong bleeding in the gums, petechiae or small red dots appearing on the skin, difficulty controlling the muscles, tremors, blood in the urine, seizures, extreme irritability, or immobility of the neck.

Should any of these extremely rare hepatitis A vaccine side effects be present, it is best to consult a doctor immediately. The side effects can sound daunting because they are severe, and it is really important to bear in mind that the risk of developing these is extremely low. In most cases, benefits of receiving the vaccine far outweigh risks.


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